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A special collection of ASOS proposes sustainable and full color fashion. ASOS MADE IN KENYA also serves to improve the living conditions of the local community

The exclusive collection ASOS MADE IN KENYA collaborates with SOKO Kenya to improve the living conditions of the local community in Kenya. The initiative offers resources and support for sustainable development, and all clothing items are made according to the principles of fair trade. It is a union that dates back to 2010 but I bring up as they have come me the news of the new collection 2018 and I have decided to pursue this initiative that seems so interesting to me.

«By combining the aesthetics of ASOS trend with traditional African motifs and patterns (including some drawings by children from local primary schools are transformed into prints design team ASOS"- says the magazine - a very interesting mix is ​​achieved. With an ethnic yet modern touch and especially desirable and wearable. It also has adapted prices to help not become "a luxury".

SOKO Kenya, who has worked with ASOS from 2010, es a textile manufacturer providing fair employment and training for many of the poorest communities in the country. ASOS provides ongoing support and training for employees to develop equipment SOKO Kenya, which it has grown from four to 50 employees in the last eight years.

Lots of color for collection 2018 de ASOS MADE IN KENYA.

For the new collection MADE IN KENYA ASOS, Available in April 2018, he invited a number of partners to contribute in the design process. Including the brother and sister duo 2manysiblings (@2manysiblings) , presenter Beat 1 Radio Julie Adenuga (@julieadenuga), Leomie Anderson model (@leomieanderson) and blogger moda, beauty and 'lifestyle' Shirley B. Eniang (shirleybenaing). ASOS MADE IN KENYA collection will be available in April 2018, and supplemented with a second launch in August 2018.

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"These partners, who share our vision to empower people and create sustainable change through fashion, They worked closely with the design team to produce a line ASOS combining creativity with ASOS MADE IN KENYA. These designs are then cut and manufactured by SOKO Kenya "explained from Asos.