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Rubbing between the thighs when walking or doing sports is one of the most uncomfortable things (and even painful) that many men can suffer in their day to day. In this guide we give you tips and advice on products and clothing that will help you avoid it..

To begin with, we are going to understand why this friction that irritates the skin is generated.. Chafing between the thighs occurs when the inner surfaces of the legs contact and slide against each other during movement. This friction can be especially common in people with larger thighs., due to your body structure or to being overweight in the affected area. Besides being uncomfortable, constant rubbing can cause redness, irritation and even chafing on the skin. These discomforts can hinder mobility and limit daily activities for many. mens.

rubbing between the thighs

Although it can happen at any time of the year, tends to be more noticeable during summer due to hot weather and humidity, that increase perspiration and the possibility of skin irritation.

¿What factors contribute to friction between the thighs in men?

  1. sweating in the area: Sweat can increase moisture in the area and worsen friction.
  2. Physical activity: the constant movement, Repeated forceful use of the legs during physical activity can increase friction and damage the skin in the area.
  3. Overweight or obese: Excess weight can cause increased contact between the thighs and, por lo tanto, an increase in friction.
  4. Lack of natural lubrication: The lack of natural lubrication in the skin of the inner thigh area increases the damage caused by rubbing.

It is important to note that each person is unique and may experience different levels of chafing between the thighs., and that these novelties can change throughout the year – due to external causes such as temperature or internal causes such as changes in the skin. Once the factors are known, it is essential to find solutions that adapt to individual needs to avoid discomfort and possible irritations.

Solutions for chafing between the thighs: Products

Dry the thighs at specific times.

If you are only bothered by rubbing between the thighs in a timely manner, for example when there is excessive humidity, be sure to keep the area dry during the day. Carry tissues or absorbent wipes with you and use them to blot up any excess sweat. This will help keep your skin cool and minimize friction in a quick and straightforward way..

Hydrated and cared for skin

Keeping the skin hydrated is crucial to prevent chafing between the thighs., but this is something that must be done constantly. after you shower, apply a moisturizing oil or lotion to the thigh area. This will help soften the skin and prepare it for possible moments of friction or rubbing.. Opt for products without fragrances or irritating chemicals to avoid any adverse reactions.

Anti-friction powders and creams.

LAnti-friction powders and creams are essential allies to prevent chafing between the thighs. Apply a thin layer of talcum powder or use a cream specifically designed to reduce friction in problem areas. These products form a protective barrier and help keep skin dry..

patches and «stickers» antiroce.

Halfway between the products and the garments to avoid rubbing between the thighs we find the patches and stickers for the affected area. These are very comfortable remedies to take with you and use at an unforeseen moment.. They are comfortable, discreet, and once used you can throw them away.

Solutions for chafing between the thighs: garments

Breathable fabrics and patterns that protect the area

When is hot, it is essential to choose garments that allow your skin to breathe, light fabric such as cotton or linen. EThese materials help reduce friction between the thighs and provide greater ventilation., avoiding the accumulation of sweat. Choosing pants with the right size, that protect the area of ​​the skin that comes into friction is essential. at the time of doing deportation, What is the moment when the pain intensifies?, it is essential to bet on technical and specific garments that compress and protect the thigh area.

Above all, choosing the right underwear is also important.. Opt for undergarments made of breathable cotton instead of synthetic materials. Cotton helps wick moisture and allows skin to breathe, avoiding friction and irritation. Also bet on models with a slightly longer leg, like boxers, as the fabric will help separate the skin and limit chafing.

Thigh bands or bralettes

They are elastic bands that are placed around the thighs to avoid rubbing. These garments are cComfortable to wear and stays in place without the need for constant adjustments. They are usually used in greater when skirts or tunics are used since with this pattern there is no «fabric between the thighs» but they can also be adjusted under pants that are not comfortable per se or can be used for specific moments when doing sports requires a protection reinforcement in the area.