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Como no podía ser de otra manera, a city stuck to the coast is definitely the best place to teach some of the most stylish swimsuits for next summer ... This could be seen (in my selection and criteria) the VFW, es decir, Week Moda From Valencia.

Juana Martin (elegant pleasure)

Undisputed reign of Juana Martin as a creator of great swimsuits and bikinis, I think she has managed to turn something to go to the beach, so simple as a swimsuit and often even can be associated with older women, something quite elegant, glamorous sophisticated y. and going to the beach should be a treat for the senses, above all others!

Gabriel Croissier (Floodlights with roll Gaga)

Beyond the fantastic scene as MTV, the truth is that the designs fresh off, originality and a certain sympathetic and summer air. If desprovees of all parafarnelia one swimsuits and accessories stay cool.

The boy already, As minimum, bright. #LadyGagaLlévamePronto ...

Antonio Sango

I could not tell if they are swimsuits or lingerie, but are nice for a while!


With a touch very pin up , which is certainly very flattering when it comes to swimwear - as tied to that aesthetic, Calima not surprising but like.

Alida Dominguez

I do not see what pens for water ... cutrísimo it should be wet ...

Little Kiss by Teresa Llorens