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Handbags rampage… What happens when combined with the fan, another whose usual place is in the hands?

According to Tantrend the latest trend is fan-shaped handbags. The famous are already starting to wear it and this is demonstrated by the styling What the Duchess of Cambridge wore, Kate Middleton, in the first trip officer who made Prince William together with Canada. The truth is that I had not noticed but I find it a very interesting and fun design, I liked the combination of ideas and it seems comfortable to handle. The truth is that the one wearing the princess is a genius!

It reminds me of this great DIY that Bethlehem proposed the other day, de B a la moda where he turned a wide-brimmed hat into a handbag. So now you can make your own version of this fan-shaped bag in your own home and to your liking!

I have been struck by these fan-shaped bags that go between the classic and the modern and that have managed to inspire me. A clear yes to this trend.

If you prefer (and so you save doing it by hand – ayns «vaguetas y vaguetes!» ;-) ) it is also highly recommended the "Fans of the world" collection from Tantrend. Contains two bags «designed in this trend and embroidered with trimmings evoking the most traditional artisans. It also has two models: total black and eggplant black. Soon they will have more models and so you can expand this collection: "Fans of the world" designed by this firm«.