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At Brain & Beast presents its new virtual store with a selection of pieces from the latest collections, iconic designs and accessories.

La Bran online shop&Beast, simple design, offers the possibility of acquiring many of Brain's most significant garments & Beast, both boy and girl, in a wide range of sizes. Brain & Beast bets on versatile garments, easy to carry, con a character marked by contemporary culture in which combine Icons heavy-metal with children's characters, prints referring to the rock-n-roll with classic menswear structures, unisex clothing … A col-lage emotional in which the most disparate seem like polar opposites attract, to the extent of any cabinet in just a few days!

Además, and exclusively for sale online, a selection of articles + SPECIAL EDITION + manufactured by Custom. Una small selection of accessories It is also available in the new online store, referential icons in the imaginary brand, made absolutely handmade.

The Brain Store & Beast was born as an evolving project in which the pieces will be updated frequently and it will be used as platform for launching products designed exclusively for sale online as well as clothing or accessories available at Brain outlets & Beast.