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A Night Like No Other "is the second short film inspired by Brockmans and presented at a secret party that only a few selected guests will have the opportunity to attend.


“A Night Like No Other” es el second short film inspired by Brockmans after the suggestive "Out of the dark" que fue rodado por el afamado fotógrafo de moda Angelo Valentino en el que supuso uno de sus primeros trabajos alejado del mundo de las pasarelas.En esta ocasión los creadores de esta pieza única son el realizador Phil Silcock y el director de arte Andy Hill. Stock define his latest work as "Elegant, retailer, a balanced mix of contemporary and classic. O, which it is the same: ¡Brockmans hecho cine!”

The history of this new creation begins with the "London with Originality”, conducted last summer, in which the opportunity was given to a small group of bartenders travel to London and know the secrets of the brand and participate as extras in the new short inspired by Brockmans.Brockmans_Corto_Torture girls

After a careful work of casting and several days of filming in the British capital, “A Night Like No Other "will be presented at a secret party next 25 de noviembre which they can not disclose details but breathe the sole and exclusive atmosphere Brockmans: elegance, sophistication, an urban location and trendsetter in the city of Madrid, a key that only a few get ...

Some of those lucky are the seguidores de la página de facebook de Brockmans en la que se celebrará un sorteo del 28 de octubre al 18 de noviembre en el que los fans de esta ginebra tendrán que contar como es para ellos esa noche “Like No Other”. Los 5 most original and those who breathe more accurately the spirit of the brand will get double tickets to the secret party de la premiere, It is sure to be an inspiring and full night of surprises.