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The company Arias Angulo cheese creates an initiative to support entrepreneurs creators and artisans.

Unity is strength, and this artisanal cheese company has decided support your «classmates» creators and entrepreneurs artisans to help launch and market their products,  whether they are gastronomic products or accessories and articles of moda, as brooches, earrings, baby clothes… ¡the idea is to make creativity and handmade flourish!


The Angulo cheese campaign is called“Nursery authors Angulo” (www.viverodeautoresangulo.com) and is coordinated through an online platform to disseminate the project participants.

The first list of selected authors of this experience is now available, to receive professional help from the company:

  • Ana Aguilar and Sergio Manzano, handmade oil EVO authors. Jaén.
  • Risk Jaime and Ana Elena Coella, craft beer makers VIRGIN. Madrid.
  • Jose Cabrera, ORCHARD organic farmer CARABAÑA. Carabaña, Madrid.
  • Mireia Martin and Dani García, authors signature handmade jewelry LITO & LOLA. Barcelona.
  • Manuela Lisbon, author of artisanal jam Ababol. Foz-Calanda, Teruel.
  • Roser Virgili, designer baby clothes MONITA SALERO. Barcelona.
  • Arturo Gutierrez and Martin Rendo, authors of the glasses wooden WOOD-GLASS. Galicia.
  • Aimar Amaro, done by hand using traditional methods bicycles AMARO BIKES. Bilbao

artisan nursery angle cheeses

They have already shown their creations in a showroom organized by Angulo in Utopic_US coworking space in Madrid that took place last week.

"We want to support small artisans and creators, thus beginning to give real value to these entrepreneurs, and help them grow their business without losing their essence, its authenticity, the art and wisdom of the author. That is our philosophy, Quesos Angulo began as a family cheese factory in 1920 and today our cheeses continue to be faithful to the traditional recipes of always and to the good work of the master cheese makers. We would like the same to happen with all the creators and producers of the Vivero de autores Angulo” highlights Javier Santamaría, Arias Marketing Director