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Art shoe company BBS technology creates a template that replaces the sole.

Bye bye suela ART

I found very interesting this innovation of Art, a value ecology is always on the rise, and much more if you give us and makes us even more comfortable.

Art is one of the shoe companies pay more attention to innovation and development of their shoes, both technically and aesthetically. Now the brand surprises with BBS technology, by the template replaces the sole, through a combination of natural elements and recycled cork that make it comfortable, lightweight and breathable, protecting against moisture and softening the impact of the tread.

Bye bye suela ART 2
Thanks to technology system Bye Bye Suela, the manufacturing process is simplified, and environmental impact is minimized reducing CO2 emissions. A sole doing without flexibility is provided and surprising lightness; and by manufacturing and cutting sewing the shoe directly to the template to walk, it achieves greater comfort.