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30 años, they are nothing, what's the song say, It has been since Antonio Alvarado began to present his collections with his own brand…. This is how your information begins on Facebook… With this interview you can get to know this essential creator a little better.

Although I already knew him as a designer – and of the great – Antonio Alvarado surprised me with his closeness and his attitude as a teacher, demonstrating that you can be a great creator and at the same time close and didactic. As I already told you last week in The week I learned design of moda with Alvarado, It has been a unique experience to begin training with one of the best, so I could not miss the opportunity to do a little interview.

Thanks to her we have the opportunity to get a little closer to life, the experience and ideas of one of the emblematic fashion designers in the world of national fashion for more than three decades. I even got a photo taken for him. Gafas Amarillas Exchange Project! Thank you very much Antonio!  For all, for sympathy, The disposition, la actitud, really, un honor!

– ¿How did you become interested in the world of fashion and dedicate yourself to it?? 

In my maternal family, fashion was always very present since I was a child., but naturally. I never thought that that personal way of dressing would become my passion over the years., and my work.

– ¿How to impose your own personality in a world as complex as design?

What advice would you give to young people who want to start as models. Personality is often given by small details and time., where the subconscious is repeating messages at work that makes you make a difference, or personality, whatever we want to call it.

– ¿the creative process? ¿Inspiration or constant and meticulous work?

All things come together and as Picasso said “If inspiration comes, that catches us working

– Choosing one should be as difficult as the «¿which son do you love more?» pero… ¿What is the collection you feel the most affection for and why??

There are too many collections to determine by one in particular, so I prefer not to rule out any. Just to say that each of them tells the story of that personal and professional moment..

– ¿What do you like the most and the least about creative jobs?? ¿ And specifically fashion?

The times, and in fashion they are marked and they are our worst enemy.

– ¿The rhythm imposed by the world of fashion restricts or constrains creativity? ¿The result is stimulating?

Rather it is surprising, because many times improvisation is also creative.

– ¿How do you currently value the Spanish fashion market??

I think that Spanish fashion has a lot of personality and many values ​​that we don't always know how to sell well..

– About Cybele ¿How is it currently at the international exhibition level??

I think he is in a good moment, maybe not so much on the dates it takes place, because of overlapping with other catwalks like NY, London or Milan, and this causes a disruption for the specialized press.

– At the teaching level ¿What is the first thing you should «learn» someone to dedicate themselves to fashion?

Knowing that fashion is almost a “Religious Experience”” and it absorbs even what you don't know you have.

– ¿What are you involved in right now?? ¿Could you give us some clue about your next collection??

In several projects such as coordinating fashion courses in Estación Diseño, Well, I like to expose my background and knowledge of the sector. I do not think it is advisable to expose the creative part in the media until it is presented., and I hope you understand…

Data of interest: He has been president of ModaFad and vice president of ADÑ; creator, with Carlos Berlanga, from Crisis magazine, presented at the Circulo de Bellas Artes of Madrid and Palma de Mallorca, en 1993; has given lectures, such as the Master Class in the Assembly Hall of the Community of Madrid “La Movida 25 years of fashion; in the summer courses at El Escorial, invited by Francisco Umbral, in those of the Menéndez Pelayo University, at the Carlos III University of Madrid, at MUSAC, at the Caja de Castellón Foundation or at the FIB summer courses in Benicàssim.