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Campaigns based on books / movies are recurrent, but we must also know how to use it well. Mulberry has tried ... Like?

I liked the friendly charm of this campaign Mulberry clearly inspired on the graphic novel (and subsequent film made in 2009) “where the Wild Things Are”. El book no lo he leído, and the movie I did not think anything of another world, although I appreciate a spectacular iconic element that this campaign has seized on Mulberry perfectly. Much monster, but not my bag!


Making this "unknown" something and often terrifies us, happy and certainly something magical around us. – Creo que es una alegoría muy bonita que se puede aplicar perfectamente a la moda.

This time Lindsey Wixon - one of the models I find most "scarily" molona, multipurpose,  enigmatic and iconic – se convierte en una pequeña monstrua para la campaña de otoño – invierno 2013 de Mulberry.

A mi I liked graphically, a great light (with that later "clara”), magnificent tones, some funny monsters and make very clear reference to the film, although they could also remember the good-natured to some extent Sully from Monsters Inc.. and I find it all very nice and salable ... but it also gives me the feeling that it is too obvious and just have "copied" la idea y se han apropiado de las sensaciones que trasmite el libro/peli  tal cual…

¿Qué te parece? ¿Mera copia o gráfica con sentido?