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Who imposed that can not go to the bar heels? Breaks the mold, mánchate fingers and one lady really rebel with Laetitia's shoes.

Why brands in all events give muffins? Why Spanish brands do not claim ours, what makes us original? Joy's, It is surely the only Spanish brand that has made humorously Miranda July, Lineisy Montero, Tali Lennox and Eva Riccobono, sheathe heels and show that the coolest celebrities can remain stylish surrounded by waiters who serve the classic sandwich City.

This brand designed and created in Spain (a Elda) thanks to the stylist Leticia Lara, He born in 2003 and after years of hiatus they have relaunched its iconic and exclusive form and its special tip. And they do it with a sense of humor with his campaign #LaetitiasSouvenirs, a campaign for Low Cost "for once in life our idols visit Madrid with a Laetitia's feet«.

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