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¿Can, only, interest in maintaining social status, bring these women to cover their face on the beach? ¡Pues si! Comes «Way-now”

In Chinese it is frowned a tan. In the wake of the fifteenth century, when you wear a dark skin tone was synonymous with work in the field, yet this concept is customary stale, in addition to the white skin and pale, in the high Chinese areas as a clear sign – ¡and so clear! – prestige and status. Además, so exaggerated in that society, They fear more than a green stick UV, and that is why they prefer to cover themselves as much as possible.¿But what happens in summer? Well, in China we can find beaches like these photos (font) where we see Chinese swimmers with colored balaclava to protect your skin from the sun.

Cara-kini facekini pasamontanas playa (10) Cara-kini facekini pasamontanas playa (6)

That is why this summer has become very moda in china what Internet users have called the «Way – Now» or English Facekini. It is a swimsuit – similar to surfers – but what full head covers up.  It is a picture at least curious, and before which several questions arise ¿It will not be overwhelming to swim with it on? ¿They will not know the power of a good total protection cream?

Cara-kini facekini pasamontanas playa (1)

Cara-kini facekini pasamontanas playa (7) Cara-kini facekini pasamontanas playa (5)

«These swimsuits were originally designed several years ago, but they are just beginning to become popular throughout the country» He explained, The Mrs. Guilan, una usuaria del way-now.

Cara-kini facekini pasamontanas playa (8)

The Face- Kinis started appearing in home plan, but now can be found in stores swimwear at a price of 15 a 25 yuan ($2,40 a $4,00).

¿It may be interest in maintaining social status or fear of the sun, bring these women to cover their face in a moment in which they could enjoy the water, the air and the sun on your face? It may seem silly, but I think a clear example of the crap we are willing do for mind and pretend.