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In just two sessions without tooth reduction shines a new smile. Lumineers arrives® a revolutionary treatment in dental cosmetics until now only at the hands of Hollywood stars.

Lumineers dientes cine carillas madrid 2

Lumineers® is a revolutionary treatment in dental cosmetics in which Smilelife of the Madrid clinic is a pioneer in Spain. This is a veneers ultrafine ceramic custom made in California that are placed in only two sessions without pain or anesthesia without reducing the original tooth.
Designed and developed years ago around the world of cine to get a perfect smile, today have improved materials and techniques; y, once its use is widespread in United States, por fin Lumineers® arrives in Spain. Dr. Fernando Moraleda, from the Smilelife clinic in Madrid is one of the few dentists in the country trained with the official Lumineers certificate® for the placement of these veneers.

"This is a painless process without anesthesia that ends in just two sessions. On the first visit a study in which photographs are taken of the mouth is, a mold precision of the teeth and the right color is chosen. In the second, las Lumineers® They are adhered to the teeth with a completely painless procedure”. Dr. Moraleda

Lumineers dientes cine carillas madridTHE MATERIALS

Cerinate pottery® – that only Den-Mat manufactures™ in California – from which they are made these veneers, It has extraordinary properties of hardness, strength and esthetics, But most striking is that you can achieve superfine thicknesses that allow not make any original tooth wear in most cases. And transparency and luminosity similar to those of a natural tooth is achieved. Although these veneers are one with the tooth to which they bind very strongly and can be considered permanent, this is a reversible treatment to avoid affecting the original tooth could


Smilelif to currently it has two clinics in Madrid equipped with the most modern systems of prevention and treatment. In addition to Lumineers® at Smilelife clinics they are experts in Smile Curve, Invisalign®, ceramic IPS e.max©, and cosmetic dentistry, periodontics, orthodontics, dental implants and dentistry in general.