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Come on Manuel, You have to send a spectacular Christmas greeting ...

This phrase has been repeating itself in my mind for weeks. You already know that every year I try to make Yellow Glasses congratulate the holidays in an original way, fun, close or surprising. There have been years that I have implemented strategies thought out well in advance and others that have been improvised ideas and that were put together on the fly ... In more than 12 years generating content, You can already imagine! Silly years, años…

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A Spanish company develops the first environmentally friendly cosmetic packaging 🌱

The Valencian company Green Cycles has developed the first water-soluble and biodegradable cosmetic containers. A revolution in the cosmetic industry in its commitment to reducing the use of traditional plastic. Its name is Green Cycles and it is a Valencian company that has opted for research to develop a series of environmentally conscious packaging. Each person uses a daily average of between 7 and 9…

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