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A Spanish company develops the first environmentally friendly cosmetic packaging 🌱

The Valencian company Green Cycles has developed the first water-soluble and biodegradable cosmetic containers. A revolution in the cosmetic industry in its commitment to reducing the use of traditional plastic. Its name is Green Cycles and it is a Valencian company that has opted for research to develop a series of environmentally conscious packaging. Cada persona utiliza una media diaria de entre 7 y 9

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The garments that marked us
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Why is Netflix's "The Clothes That Marked Us" important for fashion?? 👕

In the Netflix documentary «The clothes that marked us» we discover how clothes and fashion can mean very different things to each one and the stories (curious, originales, strange or exciting) that hide behind those clothes. A few weeks ago, the documentary «The clothes that marked us» was released around the world on Netflix. (Worn Stories in English). It is fun, tender and emotional docuserie…

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