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Museo del Traje, if not very very

The Costume Museum had always caused me mixed feelings. Enthusiasm and laziness… Love for the content, the continent and the intrinsic value of the idea, and some "hatred" for not being able to detach from laziness to go and see… you know I live in Granada and I'm not, just a step enclosure. Pero tuve los santos cojones de pasar un año

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Chronic Ecléchico: 1º Showroom de Mine Bag´s en Granada

Bag Mine's opted for a semi event – private, exclusive and personalized which has revolutionized purchasing Granada. A busy weekend, Yesterday the adventures of the Yellow Party I told Friday night, but on Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon it has taken place in another BIG DEAL Granada. We said, cuando nació 2.55 Moda y Comunicación que llegábamos para revolucionar la moda en

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Chronic Ecléchico: II Birthday blog. Yellow Party

A night where we celebrate that this blog is still going strong and very good company ... has been expected, but the day finally arrived to celebrate a new blog birthday Ecléchico, and hence, The Lord of the Yellow Glasses. Family, amigos, followers, y gente relacionada con la moda en Granada… se dieron cita el pasado viernes, 5 de octubre en Pub Ganivet en el centro

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Experiencia Gafas Amarillas: III Days of Fashion Blogs

One day in Madrid to learn, professionalize, know and be known ... and especially, have fun.   Playing with posters Gisela! I'm great with her bra! A gathering of people who share your passion is always interesting and exciting, igual que los forofos acuden un domingo a su campo de fútbol ataviados con bufandas y camisetas con sus colores emblema, nosotros (bueno, ellas) nos enfundamos nuestras Sneakers

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