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Come on Manuel, You have to send a spectacular Christmas greeting ...

This phrase has been repeating itself in my mind for weeks. You already know that every year I try to make Yellow Glasses congratulate the holidays in an original way, fun, close or surprising. There have been years that I have implemented strategies thought out well in advance and others that have been improvised ideas and that were put together on the fly ... In more than 12 years generating content, You can already imagine! Silly years, años…

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The garments that marked us
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Why is Netflix's "The Clothes That Marked Us" important for fashion?? 👕

In the Netflix documentary «The clothes that marked us» we discover how clothes and fashion can mean very different things to each one and the stories (curious, originales, strange or exciting) that hide behind those clothes. A few weeks ago, the documentary «The clothes that marked us» was released around the world on Netflix. (Worn Stories in English). It is fun, tender and emotional docuserie…

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Revisiting digital models Balmain 👧🏻

Three digital models star in the new campaign Balmain. I reflect on the suitability (o no) of that decision. A few days ago the Balmain brand, led by Olivier Rousteing, He presented its new campaign. This happens (minimum) a couple of times a year in each brand would have the biggest stir. What has made this campaign cope headlines not only in media specializing in fashion? Why is it important for fashion…

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What have we learned (o no) Sewing Teachers? 📺

Ends the first edition of Masters of Sewing, What have we learned from this program TVE? After two months (and a few days) comes to an end the first edition of the sewing and design talent "Masters of Sewing". He began with 3 errors and 2 successes that I did not hesitate to point out after its release. Why is it important for fashion: «Han sido 10 semanas, 30 Why is it important for fashion, 10.000 personas…

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EDHA Netflix

What I found the series applied human development team (Netflix)? 🎥

Today I reflect on the new series of Netflix Argentina, EDHA, using the framework of world fashion companies to have a dramatic thriller. And I realized this format inserting a twitter thread in my opinion and looks favorite #MBFWMadrid (Autumn Winter 2018-2019) and I liked how was. That's why I've chosen to speak of applied human development team, the new series of Netflix Argentina, that framed in…

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