Expose, Moda

Exposición: «Modus. In the manner of Spain ' 💃🏻

The exhibition "Modus. In the manner of Spain "to value craftsmanship, inspiration and vision of many creators in the country (or who have inspired him for his creations). The Community of Madrid organized a group exhibition that has as objective to trace "the Spanish" in the field of Spanish fashion. The sample, «Modus. A la manera de España» podrá visitarse en la Sala Canal de Isabel II (Madrid)…

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Manolo Blahnik. Shoe art
Expose, Zapatos

Exposición: Madrid hosts' Manolo Blahnik. The art of shoe » 👠

The National Museum of Decorative Arts (Madrid) this winter hosts the exhibition "Manolo Blahnik. The art of the shoe 'to celebrate his 75 anniversary. One of the most recognized and beloved artists of our country will finally have the honor it deserves in the capital: «Manolo Blahnik. The art of the shoe ". Shoe designer Manolo Blahnik, (Santa Cruz de La Palma, Canarias, España, 27 de noviembre de 1940) meets…

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Exhibition Tino Casal
Expose, Moda, Music

Exposición: "Mature Tino, art by excess "at the Museum of the Suit

A retrospective that deals with the evolution of the legendary singer Tino Casal and his peculiar conception of fashion reflection of an era of creativity and "madness" when met 25 years after his death. I hate that I advance with the jacket they thought put - Tino Casal Tino Casal Exhibition, el arte por exceso» se inauguró ayer por la tarde en el Museo del Traje de

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Expose, Moda

Exposición: "Romantic Fashion" at the Museum of Romanticism

Discover romantic fashion in their natural environment is not only inspiring, but also it gives us a sublime information of the same. Thanks to this exhibition at the Museum of Romanticism, fashion and history charge a little more life. "The best prophet of the future is the past". value crafts, value crafts…

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