Manolo Blahnik. Shoe art
Expose, Zapatos

Exposición: Madrid hosts' Manolo Blahnik. The art of shoe » 👠

The National Museum of Decorative Arts (Madrid) this winter hosts the exhibition "Manolo Blahnik. The art of the shoe 'to celebrate his 75 anniversary. One of the most recognized and beloved artists of our country will finally have the honor it deserves in the capital: «Manolo Blahnik. The art of the shoe ". Shoe designer Manolo Blahnik, (Santa Cruz…

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How to take care sunglasses? 🕶

"How to take care sunglasses?"It's a question we ask as the warm weather arrives, in this post I give 7 cariñito tips to give your mates look. Cuando llega el calor los chicos se enamoran las comenzamos a tildar de imprescindibles. Las gafas de sol se convierten en nuestras aliadas tanto para protegernos del

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Optical Rínivi
Experiencia, Gafas

Experiencia Gafas Amarillas: Optical Rínivi

Get to know Rínivi, an optician in Madrid designed to assess eyewear brands (and not the brand glasses). A few months ago – Things grind slowly, but then they are richer like this! ;- ) I had the pleasure of receiving an email from Rubén, one of the owners of Rínivi Ópticos (Villanueva Street 43, esq. Castellón, Madrid) inviting me to…

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Fashion Uncover: Gafas Claps!

A perfect mix between modernity and classicism, at a good price and quality. I present you the Claps glasses! Según explican, las gafas Claps! son unisex, modern, elegant and with a classic touch so that anyone can enjoy them not only as quality polarized sunglasses, sino también como un complemento de moda. They provide 100% de protección

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6 shoe brands indispensable for adolestreinta

These are the 6 shoe brands indispensable for anyone passionate about fashion - and is in his thirties - should ever have in your life. Although the shoes were considered a single element that was consistent with a sports outfit in the past, now things are a little different. They have become…

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