Scalpers Shoes

Scalpers: A firm step towards the future of men's footwear fashion 👞

The world of fashion is constantly evolving, and the brands that manage to adapt to changing trends are the ones that stand out and thrive.. One of those brands that is taking significant steps towards the future of men's footwear fashion is Scalpers. In this article, We will explore how Scalpers has positioned itself as a major brand in this competitive market and what is new in…

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clean difficult shoes

Guide to cleaning "difficult shoes": With hair, feathers, plastic, sequins… 🫧

There are spectacular shoes because they are made with different materials., But these models also have to be cleaned!! Discover here how to clean difficult shoes and the precautions to take with them. It is normal for shoes to collect dust., dirt or stains during everyday life and that is why it is impossible for them to be spotless 24/7. But wearing clean shoes is something that makes a difference., It is a rule of…

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Manolo Blahnik. Shoe art
Expose, Zapatos

Exposición: Madrid hosts' Manolo Blahnik. The art of shoe » 👠

The National Museum of Decorative Arts (Madrid) this winter hosts the exhibition "Manolo Blahnik. The art of the shoe 'to celebrate his 75 anniversary. One of the most recognized and beloved artists of our country will finally have the honor it deserves in the capital: «Manolo Blahnik. The art of the shoe ". Shoe designer Manolo Blahnik, (Santa Cruz de La Palma, Canarias, España, 27 de noviembre de 1940) meets…

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Laetitia's shoes.
Campaign, Zapatos

Never so cañí Laetitia 's

Who imposed that can not go to the bar heels? Breaks the mold, mánchate fingers and one lady really rebel with Laetitia's shoes. Why brands in all events give muffins? Why Spanish brands do not claim ours, what makes us original? Joy's, is surely the only Spanish brand that with humor has managed to make Miranda July, Lineisy Montero, Such…

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Shoes OHW
Complementos, Zapatos

Fashion Uncover: OHW shoes?

Ohw? Coming from England with a very clear objective: create an entirely new approach to men's shoes, betting on contemporary design. Desde 2010 young shoe house has been carefully creation process, in which close partnerships with leading shoe designers and production team set. As they say in ohw?, all his creations are a reflection of them…

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