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As of July 2018, Chopard signature ethical and responsible use gold in all its creations of jewelery and watches.

You know that Chopard is a brand that I find very united since we met «having breakfast» en su shop en 2018, ¡More than six years ago! ¡As time goes!  From that moment I admire not only his team in Spain, but brand awareness, Product and creativity that the company from which I keep informed through press releases and meetings with the head of communications on the peninsula. I say the brand, besides admiration, I joined some friends. Por eso, I'm glad so very much to news like this: The signing of high jewelery and watches at Baselworld just announced that from July 2018 will use gold 100% ethical in their products. (Here you can see the especially they have created on their website about it)

The house of jewelry and luxury watches, Chopard, It was acquired by the Scheufele family 1963. Desde entonces, the family He has made responsibility and ethics are two fundamental criteria for signing. Sustainability has always been one of its core values ​​and presented the culmination of a vision that began more than 30 años.

First steps towards 100% responsible jewelry and watches.

En 2013 Chopard decided to invest directly and long-term artisanal gold, to bring more artisanal gold to market. By providing financial and technical resources in partnership with the Alliance for Responsible Mining, Chopard took direct responsibility for a serie of small-scale mines obtain Fairmined certification. This allows small mining communities to sell their gold at a price better, while ensuring that mining takes place according to a series of strict environmental and social conditions.

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Chopard has also helped to establish new trade routes from mines which thrives in South America, Traceable bringing products to Europe and providing higher financial income to local communities.

This has gone hand awareness campaigns and collections linked to these concepts, Green Carpet as creating High Jewelery Collection traceable using only precious materials and purchased sustainably; Collection Palme Verte, the first diffusion lines made of gold fairmined; the first world gold watches fairmined in L.U.C Collection, ¡They even made theCannes Palme d'Or in this responsible materials from 2014!

¿What does Chopard ethical gold mean??

Chopard defines the “Ethical gold” such as gold purchased from responsible suppliers, whose compliance with the best practices certain environmental and social standards is perfectly contrasted.  From July 2018 Gold Chopard responsibly be obtained through one of two routes traceable:

  • artisanal gold newly obtained small mines that are part of the SBGA, (the Swiss Association of Responsible Gold) and initiatives and Fairtrade Fairmined;
  • Gold RJC Chain of Custody, through association with Chopard refineries certified by the RJC. (This gold is acquired through the partnership of the firm with refineries to ensure that gold is produced directly by entities certified by the chain of custody Traceable).

Caroline Scheufele, co-president and creative director of Chopard explains: "The only real luxury is when you know each of the links in your supply chain and I'm very proud of our gold purchase program«. Karl Fredrich Scheufele, Chopard co-president said: “It is a bold commitment, but a commitment that we must take if we want to make a difference in the lives of the people who make our business possible.

Chopard is binding on the SBGA 2017 to increase its contribution to initiatives to improve the lives of artisanal gold miners and thus contribute to a further increase in the volume of gold mined responsibly.

As part of our commitment to ethical gold Chopard, new pieces of high jewelry collection presented at Baselworld Green Carpet are made exclusively with gold fairmined, like the Haute Horlogerie watch L.U.C Full Strike and Happy Palm Clock.

Next steps: The overall objectives of the United Nations.

This announcement bet on gold 100% ethical and responsible also marked the next phase of sustainable program Chopard. The brand has unveiled its official commitment to the United Nations Global Goals. What responsible company, They want to go further including the contribution to decent work, reducing inequalities and responsible production and consumption.

Speaking about the importance of corporate commitments to achieve the overall objectives of the United Nations, Livia Firth, brand ambassador said: “Today, thanks to the Global Objectives, We have a plan 17 points exposing a fundamental social and natural targets, that nobody should be exempt. Connect citizens with what has come to be considered one of the most critical initiatives of our times, It is absolutely essential (and exciting), if we see a path to a sustainable future and just. Chopard is exciting to share this vision and Eco-Age look forward to working with them to achieve”.