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A unique creation for the Monegasque Association against Muscular Dystrophy

For the edition 2013 de Only Watch, the biannual charity watch auction dedicated to Duchenne muscular dystrophy research, Chopard presents a unique L.U.C Tourbillon model, whose movement bridges are decorated with “filet” engravings, also known by the name of “fleurisannes” engravings, a very particular traditional know-how, typical of the town of Fleurier, in the Canton of Neuchâtel, which today has practically disappeared.

Chopard presents a unique watch at Only Watch 2013

Specialty of the town of Fleurier, in which the Chopard Manufacture has been installed since 1996, hand-made engraving, a “filet”, the engraved “fleurisanne”, It is an artistic profession that today is practically disappeared, despite the fact that since the 18th century he contributed enormously to the prestige of local watchmakers and brought interest in his pieces even to China.. This special know-how that requires a long time, It is characterized by the creation of relief decorations on metal pieces., generally the bridges of the golden movements. What makes it so special is that it is not about engraving a design, but rather in sculpting it, raising the material that surrounds the latter. The “fleurisanne” engraving” highlights the motifs through relief. It is a technique that requires absolute mastery of the tool, since a high level of thoroughness is required, and only unique pieces are produced, since each drawing is entirely made by hand.

Maintain artisanal know-how

The Chopard House, long committed to training the new generation of watchmakers, and eager to maintain the ancient crafts, has fostered interest among the specialists in its decoration workshops in recovering this ancient engraving technique, to revive an ancient local tradition. En 2010, and on the occasion of 150 house anniversary, a first was presented serie limited to fifteen L.U.C Tourbillon watches, whose bridges were adorned with floral motifs.

An exceptional unique piece for Only Watch

For the edition 2013 de Only Watch, Chopard has decided to use this “fleurisanne” engraving technique again, to customize the movement of an exceptional unique piece, in which each of the elements is witness to the extreme attention that Chopard pays to the details in each and every one of its watchmaking creations.. Este L.U.C Tourbillon Only Watch 2013 Edition has a rhodium-plated 18k gold dial, hand engraved, and the coat of arms of the principality of Monaco is represented on it., surrounded by a DNA molecule, a graphic reminder of the cause behind the Only Watch project. Housed within a 43mm diameter titanium case, in which polished and brushed surfaces contrast, The L.U.C 02.17-L in-house movement has also been decorated with a DNA molecule on the side of the bridges., using the “fleurisanne” engraving technique.