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Increasingly standardized, male cosmetic surgery becomes a beauty trend that adds followers. In this article I analyze its pros and cons.

A few decades ago it was considered somewhat unusual that a man some cosmetic surgery is carried off. The prejudices, machismo and lack of tolerance and respect did see this practice as a terrible sin he had to hide or avoid at all expense so it was almost a taboo. But statistics show that this has changed, not only women resort to these techniques but male cosmetic surgery is growing boom in the world.

Customs have changed and therefore care male beauty como cosmetic surgery in general is no longer the subject of criticism or suspicion. La Agrado said in his masterful monologue in the film "All About My Mother» Pedro Almodovar: “It costs a lot to be authentic, and these things should not be rácana, because one is more authentic the more it resembles what has dreamed for herself”.

male cosmetic surgery

As it happens with the men, who also want to fight for themselves feel as possible, As has normalized men also undergo transformations wishing. Before, como mucho, some men were made rhinoplasty but has now been greatly expanded catalog operations and treatments among those found, for example, lifting facial, tummy tucks or bags under the eyes.

But of course, and though this blog is and always fight has been fought because everyone can do, feel and see ourselves as we want, We can not ignore that male cosmetic surgery has its pros and cons. You need to know so you can make a choice with greater awareness.

Male cosmetic surgery (and all), ¡Information is power!

All kind of information, always with advice from a specialist who will help you make the right choice, It is invaluable for your welfare and safety. No question is more and it is always advisable to clear all doubts. Question, listen carefully, Forum searches, Ask friends and ponders friends all options offered cosmetic surgery for men. ¡It's not something to be taken lightly!

Pros: Simplicity, speed and confidence

Sin duda, They are well known the advantages of cosmetic surgery. The fixes and “rethinking” visual to reduce the ravages that the advance of time leaves on the face are very effective and minimally invasive. The man who practiced surgery may appear much younger than it has really, and fuss.

Facial Wrinkles, the accumulation of abdominal fat, a crooked nose, rough skin, bags under the eyes, other symptoms of fatigue and stress, They are now much easier and faster to remedy that before.

This advantage of the speed of treatment and pose little risk currently, the benefit that leaves patients' self-esteem adds. Many who undergo cosmetic surgery male fundamental aim at improving their appearance and when they see it physically improved, greatly influences your state and your health.

Contras: a bad professional and even an obsession

But let's not forget the other side of the moon. Since not all wonders in the world of cosmetic surgery for men. The main setback that may arise is that patients are put into the hands of people who are not specialists in the area or who have not received adequate training. Male physiognomy is different from the female and therefore there are specialists in detecting what and how each patient needs. As we mentioned above, find out about the best and the most suitable for you is essential.

If we do not choose good professional, we can not only have visual results we do not like, but it is likely to be a poorly executed technique. O arrived at the end, the use of implants or unauthorized substances or application of any surgery that does not suit the patient's condition.

cosmetic surgery men

Another cons of surgery for aesthetic purposes is that it becomes an obsession for the patient. You can use it constantly, non-stop, because he feels he has not achieved his ideal of beauty. As is the case with female, male cosmetic surgery is also a double-edged sword because ¿Who wouldn't want to look a little better each time??

Of being unprepared mentally we can fall into a unhealthy obsession. In these cases an assessment is required psychological area specialists to determine the true intentions and the respective treatments to remedy.