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Spain is a country with a long history that has marked its landscapes and its municipalities. All the civilizations that have passed through Spain, from the Romans to the Habsburg and Bourbon dynasties, going through the three medieval cultures (Muslims, jews and christians) they have been outlining each of its corners, That is why all Spanish cities will hide a bit.

But among all the cities in this country there are some that accumulate more heritage, or have characteristics that make them unforgettable. That is why in this article we will give you the name of the 5 cities in Spain that you have to visit yes or yes.

The best cities in Spain to visit

Spain has an enormous cultural diversity that is reflected in their tongues, Castilian, Catalan and Basque; in its different climates and natural landscapes and in the different ways of living. That is why we wanted to make a compilation of cities that, one way or another, represent all Spanish areas.


Sin duda, Granada is one of the great treasures of Spain. This city is sheltered at the foot of the Sierra Nevada and crowned by what is considered by many to be the eighth wonder, The Alhambra. This complex of Muslim origin is the main attraction of the city, not the only one. The city of García Lorca also has the Sacromonte and Albaicín neighborhoods, the Cathedral or the Souk.

If you want to know this city, puedes empezar a planear tu escapada y si accedes a la siguiente web descubrirás what to do in Granada in two days.

ciudades de España


You will not know Spain at all, until you have not enjoyed one of their beaches. Menorca is an island of the Canary archipelago, where you can enjoy a sensational temperature, bathe in paradisiacal beaches of the Mediterranean Sea and get to know the city of the same name on the island. The Citadel of Menorca it's a book of open history and in it you can enjoy its historic port, from the main square, from the Gothic-style town hall or its narrow streets full of charm.


For many years, this city was the capital of Spain, and that stadium is still noticeable in its streets. This typically Castilian city, it has one of the richest historic centers in this country, built around the Cathedral of Santa Maria, an imposing Gothic-style construction. El Greco lived in this city, and that is why many of his works can be visited in Toledo.


Barcelona es una de las capitales españolas más conocidas a nivel mundial y uno de los travel imprescindibles, perhaps because of the enormous appeal generated by the quintessential Barcelona monument, la Sacred Family. Pero, además, You will have the opportunity to know the valuable Gothic Quarter and you will be able to enjoy the urban air of this city through the Ramblas.

Santiago de Compostela

At the end of the busy and popular Camino de Santiago, is the city which bears his name and houses his cathedral. In this city you can visit the Convent of San Francisco, know the Abastos market, soak up the Galician culture and enjoy its excellent gastronomy.