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I wanted to recover the fantastic photographs of Killers Kill, Dead Men Die, some excellent photographs taken by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair magazine as a “portfolio” of the most outstanding Hollywood stars during the year 2007.

The aim is to create a “fotonovela” by starring the actors who caused the most fury and repercussion that year, and thereby extolling their interpretive attributes while honoring a style of cine and they pose reviews of moda. En este caso, of film noir and classic detectives.

With an unbeatable aesthetic Annie Leibovitz introduces us to a world where light becomes another protagonist of the set, the photographer turns to highly recognizable icons of the cinephile tradition to renew through aesthetics details with names as important as Anjelica Huston, Ed Norton, Forest Whitaker, Bruce Willis, Sharon Stone, Jack Nicholson, Julliane Moore, Kate Winslet,  Pedro Almodóvar and Penélope Cruz, among many other stars that you surely recognize.

What difference does it make that these photos are from 2007? Due to their high quality, they can be seen from here to eternity and always remind us of the impact of film noir on film and style..