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La Unesco ha establecido el flamenco como Patrimonio de la Humanidad y aquí lo celebramos analizando sus claves del estilo flamenco y la importancia de la moda en él.

Sin duda, one of the day's news has been that Unesco has established the Flamenco as Intangible Heritage, and therefore, internationally recognized as a fundamental and basic characteristic art of southern Spain, sample sensations, feeling and passion in every taconeo, requiebro leave or guitar. Aquí os voy a mostrar algunas claves del estilo flamenco.

Flamenco style keys

Flamenco style keys

Lord of the glasses Yellow complement today added a flower on her head to celebrate this cultural achievement, that about one of the most traditional indigenous samples the world. And it wants to pay Ecléchico a tribute to the style sense that you created and exported this great musical style and expression, It is one of the most complex and diverse stylistic samples the folk costumes or that has become a cornerstone of inspiration for designers like Galliano, Victorio and Lucchino or Montesinos, among many others, who did not hesitate to include moles, ruffles and fringe among its inspirations.

But not only addresses the issue of inspiration, but of the design of costumes and accessories flamenco and flamenco, although specific, also become an important textile industry which also has its specialized gateways, star designers who show seasonal trends are renewed every show to suit the requirements of the Flemish.

And nothing better than repasar from these yellow sunglasses trend that accumulates Topics flamenco and renewed, reinvented with new insights and ideas always manage to conquer and surprise.

Moles ...

Who said that I had order? An oversized or small almost imperceptible specks, lMoles will show how the great ally of Flemish style keys, and beyond, encouraging almost any garment. But the etymology of this word offers us some surprises, as it called Moles, in the past, what stains caused by the influence of the moon is believed skin. Once adapted to the clothing he began using the constant repetition to make a symmetrical pattern but continues to use the powerful force of the circle. In their evolution, size ranged from, color and position along the body, but certainly they have remained over time as a considerable choice of almost any look.

... Flyers ...

The movement of a frilly skirt forcefully tour is one of the most evocative images of flamenco, el volume and the sinuous forms that acquire every move is considered an added value to the movements of the dancer. Often a single flared skirt, at other times dozens of smaller leaflets, even arms, the thousands of possible designs get this applet that can be found in the most unexpected places. Por supuesto, no doubt that also they have been covered for less folkloric looks, so it is not unusual dresses or skirts that even with these flyers, They fail to emulate Morente, but if you provide it with all the passion in the movement that these forms give.

... Fringe ...

Flamenco style keys

María Pages. Flamenco style keys

Another element that brings out the compasados ​​movements of flamenco dance are the fringes, While finishing a shawl, or as part of the dress around the neck, waist or arms, these fine strips provided with further steps mobility, and reflect a change of light and shadows faster around the body of the person wearing them. It is not surprising that this is, quizá, the element that has standardized on current trends, where making them more folk elements through the leather or more rigid materials, They have monopolized the list of these key trends in Flamenco style

…the complements…

A key part of any styling flamenco are flashy and cool add-ons that using, from the flowers, to hats, through the comb and combs. It is true that today, although they have diversified, They have to be a little more discreet, but follow the moda cyclical renewal between large beads or small details depending on the season. Strong colors, the permanence of brightness, Large structures on slopes, necklaces and flowers and the contrast they produce both the skin, as with hair get these supplements are an essential part of a good flamenco. Highlighting accessories like hat for men, which give them as the point i, an unrepeatable and unique finishing touch.

Another element to consider are Shawls, that move as one, using almost like a dance partner more that as a complement. Their colors and embroidery get attract the eye of any, what it becomes an element that helps to enhance the looks. It is not surprising therefore, that in certain areas of Spain, in times of weddings and celebrations, how shawl and scarves for party dresses use. since a good shawl reflects all the power you can wear a big woman.

The fans, those allies fresh, they can not miss in the drawers of a flamenco, highly used by almost everyone how convenient method of air conditioning (provided that you abaniques, facile joke they come)

But without any doubt, It is the essential complement of heels, essential when to sound the clicking each shoe. The so-called dance shoes must meet three basic requirements, that are comfortable, that are secured to the foot of the dancer or dancer and through sheets and buttresses get to sound every snap foot, to thereby accompany the music and singing as another element, the third in this case not in discord, but empathy and soul.

And the colors ...

Sin duda, for such a passionate art like this the most common colors are red and black, that in contrast to the skin of the dancer or dancer they get beyond the stage carrying the sentiment involved in each step. It has become a basic color in clothing and accessories, both women (flores, necklaces) and man (sash, strip Hat, handkerchiefs). It is therefore faster color associated with this artistic movement and style keys Flamenco.