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Let's analyze the style keys of Elizabeth II , The Queen. sure we can learn something for our looks from their 90 years of history with fashion, ¿doesn't seem to them?

Queen Elizabeth II of England is one of the most famous people in the world, ¿what do i say about the world? ¡of history! With cases 100 years and over 70 of reign (desde 1952) it is impossible not to have seen a photo of him on some occasion. But che more photos you see of her the more you realize how the style (y styling) are important in their history and public presence. That is why I want us to discover the style of Elizabeth II to see what we can learn.

estilo de Isabel II

Known to some as “the queen of styles”, Isabel II is an example to follow when it comes to dressing. Sí, even though we do not share with her or age, neither residence nor lifestyle, The Queen has managed to demonstrate over the years how a serie of style keys can help you both show your personality and stand out.

Elizabeth II and fashion, a quiet union

estilo de Isabel II

Elizabeth II of England is a very influential woman, no doubt, both in the history of England and in the moda, because her outfits have always represented the way in which she wants to show herself to the world. His long reign has been full of important events and significant changes., and the queen has always lived up to expectations when it comes to her looks and has known how to evolve and adapt but without losing focus on his position and person.

Elizabeth II came to the throne in the early 50, a key moment in the history of fashion as it was undergoing a radical change. Women were beginning to wear more comfortable and cheerful clothing, At the same time that the concept of “pret a porter” y la moda, slowly, went from being a few to increasingly flooding the streets.

Although the queen has been criticized by some for her choice of clothing, she herself has defended her style, saying: «I think people expect a queen to be boring and dress conservatively., but i don't think like that». As for her favorite outfits, the queen has said that she likes the clothes that is «comfortable and practical».

estilo de Isabel II

This was explained by The Mail in 2015 «Every outfit worn in public is carefully calibrated to inspire or remind, to show gratitude or respect, to express a sense of power or familiarity. His Majesty does not set or follow trends, but although she is deaf to the call of fashion sirens, has its own style”.

Queen Elizabeth II has one of the largest wardrobes in the world, con más de 3.000 clothing. as they say – that I have not seen – the wardrobe is divided into sections for each season.

In it we find mostly garments made to measure and to your liking and very few catwalk garments or massive brands.. Although other Royals like Kate have been conquered by these brands, the queen tends to bet more on local creators and designers.

5 Elizabeth II style keys … for our day to day

¿Analyze only the stylistic keys of Elizabeth II? ¡No! Let's go a little further and I'm going to try to show you how these give us ideas for our day to day. Sí, si, even if we look nothing like nothing at all like the historical head of the british empire.

fashion changes, the style remains

Elizabeth II is not a fashion victim, we have that clear, pero yes, she plays with fashion and style to reinforce her presence, above all, demonstrating not only the power that his position has, but also the “tranquility” of which he boasts as a person.

The Queen has always made elegance her quiet place in terms of fashion, and their “camera” stylists or designers” have been able to take advantage of this. Por supuesto, how fashion is alive, over the years, the queen has worn a wide variety of styles, but more linked to the form or concepts (por ejemplo, from evening gowns to skirt and jacket suits) than to “passing” trends or fads” marked by decades (although hopefully an eighties queen loaded to the ears, no? Haha well he also had his moments hey….).

It is true that over time – that there has been a lot, además – we have been able to see the queen in many situations, more or less casual, more or less gala or more or less urban and of course she has worn almost all kinds of outfits, more serious, More fun, more prints, more simple, more luxurious or more sporty but always according to their criteria of comfort and being favored and of course without skipping the etiquette or protocol a bit.

Their looks are usually very simple and, although always very polished, they do not attract too much attention so that we can focus on "the one that goes inside the clothes". ¿How can we apply this in our daily looks?? Being clear about who we are and what we need on each occasion to show ourselves to the world

Monochrome never fails (and if it fails, resort to printing).

Although her wardrobe has adapted to fashion trends over the years, there is always a constant element: her love for monochrome looks (mostly pastel).  

estilo de Isabel II

throughout his reign, has adopted monochromatic looks that have captivated his subjects. ¿Why she has chosen this style and why it is so important to her? LQueen Elizabeth II wears the same type of clothes almost every day: a light colored dress, a jacket or coat, some shoes and a bag. Bien, ¿how to make every day "same"” be different in a clear concise way and without getting out of "its pattern"?, ¡well changing color!

estilo de Isabel II

These Monochrome Looks Have Become Her Personal Brand And People Love Them. It is certainly a very practical idea and it is something that, in addition to making it striking without going overboard and maintaining elegance, allows you to lengthen the figure and save time and energy (her and the designers) in the clothes, leaving his space and presence, pero without making it the “main topic of conversation”. ¿how goes the queen? ¡pink! Chimp the conversation.

Curiosity: ¡His favorite color is yellow! Like mine!

Another key to why monocolor is so that, además, be easily identifiable in the crowd, a way to stand out and be seen “from afar”. This is what we can take into account when using this tip in our day to day, the day you feel like standing out, go all out for a total color (claro, as long as they are not black or white, that the effect is much more limited).

Although her monochrome looks are fashion history, ehe style of Isabel II also has a multitude of prints in her career, almost always with the same base: not very big and with lady touches. Paintings, flores (as I mentioned the other day in Instagram the queen is a huge fan of the Liberty print), stripes or even drawings have covered the body of the queen and in a tremendously curious way, no matter how different they are from each other ¡they all fit into his style and we see them very much in his vein! ¿true?

Make the “seasons” clear” and the protocol

Queen Elizabeth II carries protocol by flag. Always try to live up to expectations and comply with all socially imposed rules. She has never been an "outsider"” but has been able to take advantage of these rules by turning them into a form of visa.  Although this is not always easy, the monarch wears it with elegance and naturalness.

This key is simple and clear. In winter winter colors and fabrics, in summer their own, the same spring…. The day looks have to be noticed that they are from days and the night ones that are noticed, a lot, what are holidays. ¿What can we learn from this style key of Isabel II? That when fashion fights the elements we usually lose out. So let's leave the lana for winter and floral print for spring.

A accessory for every occasion

Elizabeth II is the queen of accessories. In very very very few exits it has been seen without them… from gloves, hats or jewelry to your essential bags

Let's talk about your bags. ¿Did you know that the queen is a huge fan of handbags?? Sí, It is true. The queen carries a bag everywhere, especially small handbags with handles so you can hang them on your arm and leave your hands free. Each one has a specific purpose or sends a message. Por ejemplo, the queen always carries a white bag when attending official events. Lthe bags you carry, además, it is used to make signs to the members of his retinue it depends on how he moves it or where he places it he is able to ask, Without speaking, bring you a drink or open the door for you.

Además, these bags launch (and have launched) inn clear message of independence and self-sufficiency and even professionalism reinforcing Isabel's firm character: “I carry with me the things I need

Por supuesto hats are other key points of the style and Elizabeth II, always matching the outfit, according to Hello magazine, her favorites are those that include some flora decoration and are used as a way to close sometimes very sober looks that manage to stand out thanks to these extra focal points.

It should also be noted that the style of Elizabeth II is also characterized by always wear magnificent jewelry. ¡how not to do it with the amazing collection you have! Sin duda, one of the most striking elements of her outfits but we cannot say that she is a super jeweled queen, she always wears something but is usually cautious and does not show excessive brightness. Por ejemplo, Its brooches are iconic as a way of wearing jewelry but without being as strident as a set of earrings or even a crown and of course its inseparable pearls, Elizabeth's ID.  

¿How can we apply this key of style to our day to day?? ¡Easy! Being clear how a well-chosen accessory can round off our look and even send messages for ourselves.

Bet on local creators

Unfortunately Elizabeth has never become a British punk with Westwood or donned a Saville Road plaid suit., but that doesn't mean i don't bet on british fashion. SShe has always been a defender of British fashion, (although he has also dressed other big names like Christian Dior, Hubert de Givenchy or his love for Hermés scarves is clear).

Among the most prominent names of its designers we find pFor example Norman Hartnell who designed both her wedding dress and her coronation dress, without a doubt two of the most important looks of her life.

estilo de Isabel II
Elizabeth II wedding photo wearing Norman Hartnell dress

We also find countless names of creators and British brands that have dressed it over the years: Stewart Parvin, Launer London, Rachel Trevor Morgan, Simone Mirman,  Ring & Davide,  Hardy Armies;, Angela Kelly.

¿How do we apply this?? Very easy, Look around you and value the creatives and initiatives that fit with you to create a network of responsible creators/consumers with the same values, ¡it will be a great success for all!