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Proximity trips are the great trend of 2021, but being close in addition to enjoying all the experiences we also have to take care of ourselves and protect ourselves.

As things are, it seems that 2021 it will be the year of traveling close, ¡and above all to travel safely! It is time to discover the jewels that we have in Spain, that there are many and very special, and that sometimes we put aside to cross the world. There will be time to return to those special trips and thousands of kilometers but I think 2021 it is the year of discovering better what surrounds us, get lost in Cabo de Gata in Almería, or by the magnanimous beaches and the coast of Asturias, approach the Levante to the Mediterranean flavor or even get carried away by the islands and discover the essence of each one… Live closely the experiencias and hotels that our closest environment offers, in addition to a good plan, it is formed as something that can also (and must) be safe until we completely get out of the happy pandemic, it is best to remember what: travel close and safe.

This idea is undoubtedly a goal that currently inspires many people due to both travel restrictions and the time to control expenses and transfers.. But let's not forget that the immediate environment is not “a loss of quality”, it is also capable of surprising the visitor with landscapes, monuments, interesting activities and museums. Local trips are the ideal option to rest, break with the routine and create new experiences that you did not consider but that can satisfy you a lot, ¡and much safer and calmer than the big trips! 

travel close and safe

¿What keys are essential for proximity trips? 

Safe travel planning is a priority for tourists right now. ¿How to organize getaways that meet this requirement? These tips can help you specify the details of close but unforgettable trips: 

  • 1. Prioritize outdoor activities. En este momento, It is advisable to give priority to those leisure plans that are developed in contact with nature to travel close and safe.
  • 2. Visit the Tourist Office of the municipality that you want to know to find out about the schedule of guided tours that are carried out in compliance with all security measures. Write down the questions you would like to ask the professionals working at this point. ¡Travel safely during the holidays and always asking that we have no doubts!
  • 3. Reduce the number of personal contacts during the trip. Enjoy the company of those who accompany you during this getaway. If you travel alone, take advantage of this period to reconnect with yourself. Keep your physical distance as a protection measure when you meet other people. Try crowds as much as possible.
  • 4. Travel by car with people you live with. Specify which means of transport will be chosen on this getaway. If you want to enjoy close trips, you can move in your own vehicle. When you are at the destination, you can also use the bicycle to get from one point to another. This very sustainable means of transport reduces the level of environmental pollution. Traveling by caravan is another option that you can consider if you want to enjoy a route in contact with nature.
  • 5. Consult the indications made by the health authorities. Please note that the information may be updated with new measures. Apply these tips to take care of yourself during the trip. Frequent hand washing is a very healthy recommendation. As well as, también, the correct use of the mask. Self-care is part of safe travel.
  • 6. Local travel and rural tourism. This may be the ideal time to rediscover the charm that towns have. Take advantage of this moment of personal transformation to return to places that bring you happy memories of your childhood or, por el contrario, be surprised by other municipalities. Local destinations are very special to travel close and safe.

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