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Shave Club is a new system of subscription for an amount per month sends razors premium to your door.

If the other day already commented on networks The beards They had died! – although I do not think so – Today I am pleased to announce this new. born to acquire home shaving blades.

Whats all the luxury marketing and technology really necessary? Do we really need vibration handles? ¿Screen guide LED lights? ¿8 sheets? A grip like you're wielding a golf club? ¿Lubricants bands? ¿Micro barely Integrado? To all these questions seeks to answer this Club.

El Ads that have been made can not be MOST. Go hunk, charismatic and with a funny script with surrealistic. I was surprised and I found a great way to explain and convince.

Shave Club stems from a need for many men: shaving. Una, two or several times a week. Few months a group of entrepreneurs from various fields makes decided to create A club that save time and especially money to its subscribers in the Daily. Club members can choose from three types of razors manufactured in Germany and with all the features that the big brands but outrageously priced lower.

The operation is very simple. You subscribe and receive comfortably at home razors every month. Earlier this month choose and get in the door of your house a little box with your clippers. This subscription system sweeping in countries like the US and Germany where millions of people have decided to save on their daily shaving.