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The video of my first foray into television reporting in El Imperdible de Canal has already been published online 21.

We took to the streets of Granada last week to ask people how do they manage when it's cold –heat. This week, obviously we are all already with coats, but last week it was not uncommon to see people in sandals and scarves on the street, or with high boots and braces… So nothing better than asking how to bear this “Cold hot”. You can see it on the website of El unmissable de Canal 21 pinchando aquí (fans and fans, come in and hit the heart to see if we are among the most popular) or down here… (that you can also like and stuff!)

My opinion: People have to feel comfortablemoda, and at halftime each one makes a coat out of his cape

The truth is that every time I am having a better time and it shows! I even look cuter! Thank you Lidia and Ricardo for helping me so much!