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The new era of communication fragrance brings us ever closer and simple maromos. ¿verdad?

colonias para dios eros invictus

For everyone knows that Meat sold, and how much! To this I add that nobody is bitter sweet visual, but I was surprised to discover this Christmas these two campaigns perfume so similar that what man postulated Olympic hero. Are fragrances "Invictus" by Paco Rabanne and "Eros" Versace. Based on Greek and very, very desirable values ​​with dyes homo. And I wonder Who is it for this? and every day I see more clearly with some silly girls who believe that giving this to your maromos will become the protagonists and queers who want to smell a Greek god.

The announcement of Invictus Paco Rabbane It is run by the French Alexandre Courtès and features Nick Youngquest, athlete, starring

The one Eros de Versace, I particularly like even more than the previous, It is played by Brian Shimansky and directed by the great Mert & Marcus (with the creative direction of Donatella Versace).

Oye, I do not know if this level of sales is paying off, but as an icon and as a joy to the eye, apparently it is a yes, so it has been detached from visits on websites, comments on social networks and views on Youtube, that even they have praised the Australian athlete Nick Youngquest to the summit of morbid.