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Hair loss for men is a before and after in their lifestyle. In this article we give you some reasons and keys to understand and combat androgenetic alopecia.

Currently a 50% of older men 30 years and a 75% of the total male population suffer from falling pelo and alopecia. This capillary disease can originate due to three possible causes: genetic factors, the person's age or hormonal changes. Androgenetic alopecia is a problem that today does not have a definitive solution, but it is known that some external factors can aggravate this ailment even more., how can stress be, the use of some medications or certain diseases. It is true that, although alopecia usually appears between 30 y 40 year old, on many occasions this begins to awaken in men of 20 approx years.

known this, and if we suffer from a hair problem of some kind, it is better to put a solution as soon as possible to recover lost hair and improve our physical appearance. As in any other pathology, An early diagnosis will be essential to improve the effects of any treatment, since, once the first signs begin to be seen and this pathology progresses, maybe it might be too late.

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Por ello, we want to do special emphasis on the importance of learning about the hair problem that we suffer in the case of having it, what are the symptoms of alopecia, as well as, do it in a safe environment and in the hands of professionals in the sector. To put an early solution to any hair health problem, in some hair clinics like carry out a detailed capillary study with the help of photofinder technology to, thus, analyze what are the possible causes of hair loss and what possible hair treatment is the best to be able to combat it effectively.

¿What are the main symptoms of androgenetic alopecia?

Once the main causes of alopecia are known and what kind of factors affect hair loss, it will be much easier to put a correct solution to the problem and thereby stop the advance of this capillary ailment. Some of the main symptoms that indicate incipient alopecia in men are the following:

  • Hair follicles get smaller. Por ello, the hair will look much weaker or more fragile, and it will break more easily.
  • Normally linked to this hair disease, comes with a form hair discoloration, that make it lose its natural color and shine.
  • The forehead begins to lighten, appearing what are known as receding hairlines.. not act on time, el progressive hair receding will become more and more evident.
  • In time we will see lower capillary density because once a follicle has fallen, it is not renewed, appreciating a smaller amount of hair.
  • In some people, a increased flaking of the scalp, making this present look worse than usual.

Once the problem has been identified and the degree of our androgenetic alopecia known, it's time to know what type of hair treatment is the most appropriate according to our case. Some of the best known and demanded today are those of hair mesotherapy in Valencia, capillary biostimulation, hair prp or hair laser, por ejemplo.

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¿How is the problem of hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia treated??

Although there is no definitive cure for hair loss, there are different hair treatments like those carried out by the Hölststein Hair Clinic with which we can achieve great results thanks to the fact that they manage to stabilize androgenetic alopecia and combat hair loss. Por ello, it is important to remain vigilant against the first signs of alopecia to start a hair treatment of this type as soon as possible.

As we said, One of the most effective hair treatments to fight against androgenetic alopecia is the hair mesotherapy technique.. Thanks to this, nutrients are injected directly into the scalp and the factors that cause this ailment are eliminated. De esta forma, It is possible to stop hair loss immediately, at the same time that the follicles become stronger and healthier hair can grow.

The type of nutrients that is usually injected in a capillary mesotherapy session are usually vitamins and minerals, very beneficial elements to improve capillary health and that help reduce the levels of the enzyme 5 alpha reductase, responsible for hair loss. Looking at the results, these begin to be appreciated a few weeks after the start of treatment. After a couple of sessions, we will see how our hair begins to renew itself, you will start to look much healthier and will grow with greater strength and volume.

Por último, It should be said that this treatment is totally personalized for each patient depending on the needs and progress of the alopecia suffered.. Por ello, different compounds will be injected according to these criteria, which, usually contain a mixture of amino acids, vitamins and other substances responsible for reducing the effects of alopecia.

To end, It should be remembered that the effect of capillary mesotherapy on the hair will depend a lot on each person., as well as, of the state in which the alopecia is found. As usual, a few treatment sessions and a period of between 3 o 6 months to appreciate its beneficial effects on the hair. This treatment is totally painless., so the patient will not notice any type of discomfort or side effect.