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Both in our day to day and when we travel it is important to know tricks and ideas to save on gasoline. Here we indicate a few.

It is possible that in the last year you have seen your savings on more than one occasion, shrinking vertiginously with each passing month. It not only influences fuel price be through the roof, but also the increase in the price of food, of all services and the stagnation of salaries. We are at a point in time where one can only wonder when gasoline or diesel will stop rising. For the moment, There are some tricks that can help us save money in gasoline more money than we think.

Save on gasoline by following these tips

1.     Check tire pressure

It may seem like an insignificant detail., but the truth is that the tire pressure is closely related to fuel consumption, besides with the security.

You should check the pressure indicated by the manufacturer and make sure that your wheels are kept at the proper level. Remember that, if the vehicle is heavily loaded, or if it is very cold, we would have to increase the pressure a little above normal.

save on gasoline
  • In the event that the tires have a pressure of 0.5 bares below what the manufacturer recommends, consumption will rise. This is because the tire will have more resistance. For you to do the calculations, consumption will rise until spending the equivalent of a deposit in a year.
  • But it will also consume more fuel if the pressure is above. This is because the resistance of the tire will decrease significantly..

2.     speed control

By maintaining good consumption habits you will also be able to save money a significant amount of money. The most important thing is to avoid rough driving. This must be adapted to the type of road we are driving on, avoiding changing gear if not necessary, give significant acceleration or braking. Just do the test and you will see how it takes you longer to return to the gas station.

3.     Check the condition of the air filter

It is undeniable that all the components of the vehicle must be in good condition so that the vehicle can circulate correctly. In the same way that it happens with the pressure in the tires, it seems that the air filter not too relevant for gasoline consumption… ¡But this is another mistake!

Activating the heating or air conditioning unit in our vehicle increases the cost of fuel, but there are circumstances of very cold and very hot in which we cannot do otherwise. For this reason, we must find the most efficient way to use it.

Check how the air filter, since here you can save money. In the event that it is in poor condition, it is time to make the change.. If it is very dirty it will affect the engine, preventing it from developing its full power. Sin embargo, fuel consumption will increase.

4.     Beware of idling at long stops

Driving experts do not recommend keeping the slow motion for too much time, since it has associated a long series of cons to take into account. In addition to reducing the useful life of the motor, contributes to the car overheating and the amount of fuel used to skyrocket.

When we turn off the car in long stops (por ejemplo, if you are waiting for someone or in a long traffic jam) have a minimal savings. Sin embargo, if you are adding this small savings every day, the total value can be very important. Calculate that a vehicle idling can spend around 0.5 liters every hour.

5.     Drive to higher gears

Buying a vehicle without financing is not within everyone's reach. Most of us have to resort to personal loans and end up paying it off in several years. After making this great investment, The last thing we want is for it to break down at the first opportunity..

A good tip to make the car last longer is drive with higher gears, in addition to being related to a significant reduction in fuel consumption.

Experts recommend moving with low revs and high gear, even in the same city. Sin embargo, for this you may have to step on the accelerator more. In any case, it is not recommended that the engine be excessively revved, or you will end up paying out of pocket.

save on gasoline

6.     Keep distance in town

In the city, more fuel is usually consumed; the reason for this is that we encounter many obstacles and vehicles. If we get too close, We will have a irregular driving and the car will jerk. This bad habit will also trigger consumption.

The most recommended is anticipate the different situations we may encounter; this way we will avoid accelerating or braking abruptly; not just to save money, but also to reduce the possibility of having any accident. The most efficient way to drive around town is respect the safety distance and always treat the vehicle gently.

7.     Take out of the trunk everything that is not necessary

As we have already indicated, Carrying the car loaded will increase fuel consumption. Imagine carrying an excessively loaded trunk every day; if you do the math, you will realize all the money you are losing for this reason. Remove what is not necessary.

8.     Take proper maintenance

Check the car elements and filters; keep in mind that a bad condition will trigger the consumption of the vehicle. It is worth taking it to the workshop to have it checked as it will be cheaper in the long run. Follow these tips and you will see how you can really save on gasoline.