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“¿How to care for sunglasses?” It is a question that we ask ourselves as soon as the good weather arrives, in this post I give 7 cariñito tips to give your mates look.

When the heat arrives boys fall in love We began to label the essential. Las glasses sun become our allies both to protect us from sun to join a plus beauty and attractive. Taking proper care of sunglasses will increase their "useful life".” – which is a concept very much like a washing machine or a car but it can be applied perfectly to our glasses. We will ensure not only have them for longer, but also have a better vision. If you wear bad glasses – that you shouldn't because they can hurt your eyes a lot – you can stop reading this article, but if your sunglasses worth, Here I give some clues to care for them properly.

– Do not put the thick fingers. As far as possible, We try not to touch the glass with fingers, since no fat hands that will leave its mark marked, making it more difficult to clean.

– Clean lenses often, but without strong rubbing, it must be done des-pa-ci-to, soft Suavesito until we see that all traces of dust or marks. Maybe this will use the chamois that provides the manufacturer of the goggle itself, or your aunt Mari Carmen who left hers at home and and, obviously, You've inherited. With these microfiber chamois effect is achieved anti static. If the strong rub or using other material, by gentle as it may seem, It is possible that some of the remains mentioned scratch the glass. If we want to use liquids to care for sunglasses and remove dirt from the lenses of the glasses, there are specific products to care for and clean the lenses of his glasses, easily we find in our usual optics or even in supermarkets, consumer stores, etc.

– It is important to keep the folded glasses in its case, we must not let them loose in your bag or anywhere, because the fact of being loose in contact with other moving objects can get scratched or even split. Y no, no need to have a bag full of stones for it, any little thing, seem trifling, You can rayarte glasses, example, the edge of a lipstick, the keys, peak mobile charger, etc. If we take them off and do not have the cover hand, it is best to make sure that we leave them in a “safe place” and that the lenses are face up.

– Do not abandon your glasses anywhere it may seem an oven (por ejemplo, a car in summer).  If we do it, very likely they will deform or deteriorate with the accumulated heat and may even "melt"” – in a very subtle way, They are not chocolate – and especially be impaired in their steadfastness, color, etc.

– Do not do the "Martini moment". Remove his glasses with one hand and drag them midface can be very sexy (bueno, You have to be normal to get sexy, If you're an orc this movement will not be enough). If we estimated some care and we care rods sunglasses, Always use both hands to take them off, so that the risks are minimized deform.

cuidar las gafas de sol 2

Agali, with the nonsense you will not last the glasses or an assault.

– Lava lake "del tó".” occasionally. The glasses are in continuous contact with sweat, dirt and dust. When we want to wash the glasses, We will only use a mild soap and water. Crystals will place under water and then apply soap, dabbing both the crystals and the mount and finish rinsing them again under the tap. Secaremos well all taking special care with the metal parts if any since they can oxidize.

– You fix, renew or die. Be aware when the goggle has come to an end. Sunglasses care is well, but keep it in use longer adequate for example if scratched, or carry the optic should be tightened screws, can impair your vision or completely destroy them. what's more, although crystals are not graduates, they eventually lose its protective properties.

On the blog of friends of Sunglasses Restorer there is a very interesting article called ¿How to care for and clean your glasses? The definitive guide that best explains how to clean glasses well – and safely so as not to damage them.

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