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From the third or fourth chemo eyebrows and eyelashes almost disappear, why should that from the beginning of treatment learn to paint us your eyes.


In my case and advised by two very majas girls (I'll always are willing to help) Corte Ingles, I have used a special product eyebrow used with a small brush which can go by mixing three shades until he found the closest thing to your hair. As there are always some hairs it is better to use the brush pen, because it leaves the marked line and less natural.

It is very important to follow the natural line of your eyebrows, if more arched pints or more straight than yours, your face looks different (it happened to me , when I was makeover for a special dinner). This product lasts a long time and then, It can be used as eye shadow, it has very pretty colors in brown tones.

pretty-cancer-brows-eyelashes-1 (1)

Regarding the tabs, I've painted every day a thick line with a black pencil (I like L'Oreal, which it is soft and is not very expensive) above the eyelid and also from inside the eye, with this you disimulas well the lack of eyelashes. On a couple of occasions I have used false eyelashes, although I have not found eyelashes for the lower eyelid, and you put on the top They look a little weird because they are mixed with your lashes... but you can try because they are not difficult to make and are not too expensive (from 6 euros).

The rest you paint as you want, but it is time to Use shades in soft tones y use a corrector for dark circles or something that clarify and illuminate.

If you look good, Also you will see others, especially those who live with you, and you will see that bad on many occasions, así que whenever you find yourself in the mood ... .¡A use the brush!

I sgd.: Concepcion Herrera Castilian