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Do not say what you have to take but yes tricks, Tips ideas and forms of organization to know how to make the perfect suitcase!

A few days ago I was in a Aquarius event in which knew
Alicia Iglesias. Ella es organizadora profesional y ha creado el método «Housekeeping at home«, también llamada coach de organización y mucha gente la conoce como «Spanish Marie Kondo» pero a mi me pareció muchísimo más simpática y divertida.

Just today I get the email message's friends MUJI Spain, ya sabéis, una de las marcas que más me gusta por su sencillez y por su forma de ver la vida «and space« in which I explained that they have had Alicia to create a series of keys that help you make the "perfect case"

To avoid oversights, clothes regularly reaches the destination, or upon arrival we realize that nothing block us and not take anything for ourselves, They have decided to combine the products "MUJI to Go" – specifically dedicated to travel – and Alicia Iglesias tips to create a series of ideas that we will explain how to make the perfect suitcase.

How to make the perfect suitcase

How to make the perfect suitcase?

  1. plans: Planning is the basis. Make a list of everything you'd like to take but, First, check out the weather forecast and, sobre todo, Trust it.
  2. Choose the right clothes: The most important thing when choosing clothes is that you can combine all the clothes you wear. Thus, scantily-clad, you will take a lot of possibilities.
  3. Keep it real: If you go four days of trip you will not read the five books of Game of Thrones. Be yourself, bring a book pocket and a reasonable. Or do not take anything if you know that it is normal to return intact. Same with clothes. If you go four days, Do not take seven pairs of socks. I always bring one more day I'll be, if they are few. If I go wash many days I prefer to carry all the closet.
  4. Keeps clothes in complete looks: Organize clothes by looks and put in separate bags. Place all the clothes on the bed and stored in bags for complete looks.
  5. Avoid "porsi": Or you go to the most remote place on the planet or you can always buy what you need for an emergency. This is the golden rule. If you're going to put something in the bag "just in case",
  6. you almost certainly do not lack. Do yourself a favor and leave home. You'll thank. insurance
  7. ever you have to approach a store to buy something, but it will be an exception. Y
  8. when we talk about "if", the stars are clothes or things like umbrella. As you see, son
  9. cheap stuff easy to find in any country.

What are the products of MUJI to Go?

Like all products MUJI, They are practical, simple and affordable. They are designed for your comfort and adapt to your needs. These handy products are easy to use and will be the best fellow adventurers to make your pleasant and comfortable journey possible. Apart from a selection of bags, accessories and a variety of bottles for traveling, MUJI also offers skin care products in size
reduced to take them anywhere, light linen and clothes double gauze, perfect for any destination.