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The actress Elsa Pataky has achieved something very characteristic, ¡that they identify her with her own posture on the red carpet when posing before the media! That's making a Pataky

¿exist «certified poses? I think so and that is why I have come to talk about myself book! and it is the great posture of Elsa Pataky when posing on the red carpet.

Let's talk about "Pataky"….

make a patakyFor those who still have not associated, This is the preferred position that the Spanish actress Elsa Pataky used to pose for the photocall, teaching a fundamental part of his anatomy, ¡the culete!

Sin duda, which in the beginning it seemed silly, It has become a hallmark of the beautiful. She commented on the occasional interview that it was a ruse to entertain and offer new images in so-called passes photograph, according commented, although we see them fleetingly, lengthen enough.

Tips to get the perfect posture: 

Some keys to make a Pataky like a professional:

  • His back is to the photographers at an angle of approximately 80 degrees.
  • Move one leg forward to further enhance your hips and butt.
  • Raise one shoulder to make your back muscles look tighter.
  • Turn your neck as far as you can but without throwing it back , but keeping the rigidity.
  • Always look for the place with the best lighting.

It is clear that I think a great example of style, a signal clear identity and although sometimes this babe I find it somewhat superficial, I recognize that she has managed to carve out a niche for herself in the world of Hollywood beauty with a marked style and creating a school. He has even commented that there are photographers who expressly ask him for this position! So today, aAlthough I love to say that "¡Elsa Pataky goes ass!” I want to pay a tribute to this great pose!