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Proud to have a young mother, beautiful and very trendy; and that's why here I show you some of her Conchi styling.

Today I want to make a special post on the blog: “Conchi styling”  in which I show you a certain style of my mother. I suggest you become occasional egoblogger and who demonstrates as a "lady” can also be great, with trends, without giving up your personality or your style. ¡that great muse!

You already know that I don't lavish my photos much on this blog, because I think that although I don't see bad, neither is my vibe so bad in this crowded blogosphere of many good proposals. I prefer to look at the style of people around me and bring out the little sartorius that we all carry inside… I am very proud to be able to teach my mother's style, who has always supported me in this moda – although sometimes he tells me that I look like a jerk – because I think it is a clear sign of style and personality.

conchi estilismo boda1

For a couple of months we have been looking for the style that my mother was going to wear to the wedding of the daughter of one of her best friends. We wanted it to be something original and fresh, with a modern touch but still elegant. So on a whim “crazy” It occurred to me to propose this dress with such a colorful graphic print… in principle he moved away from what anyone would call “elegante” and also a bit of his idea of ​​going rather classic…. ¡and that was grace!  ¡Romper! From the first moment, seeing how flattering it is and how good it looked on her, was quickly placed first in the list of preferences until winning.

conchi estilismo boda 4

thanks to the colors, the choice of accessories, basic but also with shapes and straight lines – and there I have to admit that I thank him for jumping into the pool and paying attention to me, since I was the one who gave her the bag and the ring – natural makeup, the modern haircut, They have gotten a very flattering set and with all the components we were looking for from the beginning, a sample “inconventional chic” who bets on the color.

Dress: Roberto Verino /  Chaqueta: Zara /Zapatos: Marian /Bolso: Zara / Imitation jewelry: Infant & Lola