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Here are some nutrients, tricks and ideas to have stronger eyelashes and make them healthier.

It has always been said that stronger eyelashes, they are long and thickthe best way to make your eyes stand out. They are the difference between a subtle makeup and a powerful one, between a tired look and a dazzling. At the same time, they play a very important role: protect the eyes and prevent them from being damaged by the entry of any external particles. For all these reasons, it is clear why caring for and pampering eyelashes is essential in our beauty routine. Sin embargo, something that is common to all people isthat we drop regularly, according to data handledwww.nutritienda.com, the leading online company in health and beauty products, tabsthey are renewed every five or six months and take about two months to grow again. we have between 150 y 200 on the upper eyelid and less than 80 in the bottom.

The nutrients that «they help» to one's own genetics.

There are people that, by genetics, they have very short eyelashes. Others have little quantity and they drop a lot. There are those who are lucky enough to have long and thick eyelashes, but very straight, so they prefer to curl them so they have a nice upward curve. In any case, to ensure that everyone can have beautiful and thick eyelashes, either increasing its growth and thickness or slowing down its excessive fall, the experts ofNutritienda.com explain what are the essential nutrients to get it:

  • Zinc: It is one of the most important minerals in hair health and necessary to stop hair loss. That is why it is a nutrientessential for those who tend to lose eyelashes easily. Some foods that contain it are red meat, shellfish or almonds.
  • Biotin: Also called vitamin H and vitamin B8, is another of the essential nutrients for hair and, consequently, for the tabs.The lack of this nutrient is associated, entre otras cosas, with hair loss.It can be found in a large number of foods: eggs, chocolate, almonds…
  • Vitamin C: Among other things, vitamin C is apowerful antioxidant that helps the body fight the damage of aging. Además, contributes to iron absorption, this mineral contributes to the formation of hemoglobin, plays a very important role as anemia is a cause of hair loss. Equally, vitamin Cpromotes collagen production, a protein naturally found in lashes that makes them thick and strong. Vitamin C is present in many fruits and vegetables: kiwis, naranjas, Peppers, strawberries, broccoli…
  • Vitamin E: Es unantioxidant involved in many body processes, improves blood flow to hair follicles and roots and improves ends. Can be found in vegetable oils, hazelnuts, the almonds, the spinach, and fortified foods.

En resumen: a balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables is the basis from which we must start.

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Tricks to take care of them and get stronger eyelashes

No obstante, there are other simple tricks that can be put into practice to improve the appearance and strength of the eyelashes. DesdeNutritienda.com have compiled some of the most effective and some keys to not punish them excessively.

Gently remove make-up

It is not necessary to rub the eyes vigorously to remove make-up. Exerting too much pressure will only get us to pull out some eyelashes. The most important thing is to know which product is necessary for each moment. Por ejemplo, waterproof mascaras (waterproof) must be removed with a specific product for eyes, usually with biphasic formula, that removes makeup without having to make any extra effort. Instead, a regular mascara is easily removed with an eye-friendly micellar water or cleansing soap.

Natural medicine

Before applying any of these tricks, it is very important that the skin is clean and dry. Para ello, the make-up removal and cleansing step must be done correctly and carefully. De esta forma, lashes will absorb all the nutrients they need.

ElCastor oil is one of the best secrets. It is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, so it helps to hydrate the hair and increase its density. You just have to apply a few drops on a cotton swab and gently pass it through the root of the eyelashes, trying not to get in the eyes.

Also useful is thealmonds oil, which helps stimulate the growth of the pelo and strengthens it. A few drops on a clean gupillon or cotton swab before bed will make a difference.

Por último, the olive oil, containing vitamin C, biotin and fatty acids. After a few weeks applying it every night before bed, lashes will look stronger, healthy and long.

Apply an eyelash serum

Sin duda, the fastest and most effective way to strengthen lashes and increase its thickness and quantity. These products include a large amount of nutrients specifically focused for this purpose. As usual, it is only necessary to apply them once or twice a day and the effects will be noticeable in a couple of weeks. They usually have an applicator similar to that of liquid eyeliners, so it is very easy to put the product right on the root, without danger that we enter the red. Since its ingredients are aimed at capital health, they are also useful for eyebrows.

vitamin supplements

One of the reasons why hair falls out, It is due to having a diet deficient in any of the nutrients mentioned above.. So if you notice that the hair falls out more than necessary or that the eyelashes are not as voluminous as usual, It may be interesting to assess supplementing the diet with afood supplement based on group B vitamins as thebiotino lavitamin B6 and/or minerals como elzinc, elseleniumo elhierro.In the market you can find a wide range of options of different brands. No obstante, it is very important to visit a specialist to be the one who evaluates the cause of hair loss.

Be careful with the curling iron

It is an indispensable device in the routine of many people, especially those who have tabs very straight. Sin embargo, can favor these to break if they are fragile and thin. Por eso, in some cases, it may be more convenient to limit their use or wait until they have strengthened and hardened (thanks to any of the tips above) before regular use.

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«Eyelashes have a very important function in the body. They not only come into play in the world of beauty, but they are the ones in charge, along with the eyebrows, to protect eyes from dust, solar radiation, pollution… The denser and stronger that barrier that protects, better, In addition to being aesthetically more beautiful. Por eso, At Nutritienda we wanted to make this little guide for those who want to improve their eyelashes, either because they have little quantity, because they are too short or because they fall off a lot. There are many natural remedies to improve your condition, since the most important thing is to provide the organism with the basic nutrients so that they can grow properly, but it is also useful to know that there are other ways to enhance the health of our eyelashes, and without much effort».

Noelia Suarez, communication director of Nutritienda.com