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Friends of Ethical Time not only do they provide us with the best ethical fashion, but in this case they also give us some tips to take care of organic clothes.

When we choose to buy organic products, We are not only paying for a great quality piece, but you are also investing in the future of planet Earth. By breaking the cycle of consumption of parts manufactured with methods harmful to the planet, you are betting on reducing the impact of the moda in the environment.

And is that organic clothing is the best textile option you can take to take care of the planet. With timeless designs specially made for you to use for a long time, brands like the ones you can find in Ethical Time They help you have fashion pieces that will look great on you and also take care of the planet.

Organic material clothing is one of our favorites for many reasons. Besides being an eco-friendly option, the brands most committed to sustainable fashion always deliver pieces of incredible quality.

Sin embargo, this does not mean that they do not require special care. Although well-made organic pieces are meant to last quite a long time, ensuring that they last as long as possible is essential for them to fulfill their entire life cycle.

care for organic clothing

Tips for caring for organic clothing

Take these 5 tips to take care of your organic clothes in all its washing stages, drying, saved, and use, to accompany you for as long as you want.

1. Wash your clothes carefully

Washing your clothes by hand is the best direction to take when it comes to caring for your organic clothes.. Machine washing, no matter how smooth the cycle, it will eventually end up damaging the fabric of your clothes, and it will make them lose their shape.

When you wash your best clothes by hand, don't scrub them too much. If they are only being washed after everyday uses, without having a lot of dirt, then just dedicate yourself to washing them as necessary with ecological soaps that do not contain strong chemicals.

2. Air dry your clothes

Or failing that, tumble dry on low heat so your clothes don't shrink or lose their shape. Drying your clothes outdoors is the best thing you can do to keep them looking new, as this protects the fabrics and seams from any damage that machines can do. Sin embargo, make sure to dry them in the shade so the sun doesn't affect their colors.

3. Try to hang your organic clothes

One of the best ways to store your clothes in your closet is by hanging them from hangers. This helps prevent wrinkles., which in turn prevents you from having to iron it.

If you don't have space or you just can't hang your clothes, ¡No problem! You can fold it very carefully following its seams, keeping them in a cool place and well stored to, when you take them out and put them on, be like new.

4. Avoid ironing it

Irons are one of the worst enemies of your organic clothing, and of all your clothes in general. To avoid using them, make sure your clothes are hanging and well stretched in your wardrobe.

Ahora, if your blouses or dresses are already wrinkled, so opt for a steam iron. Steam is much gentler on your clothes than hot iron, and it is also much safer to use.

5. Take care of your clothes according to the type of fabric

Even though organic clothing, like any other, must be cared for very well so that it lasts as long as possible, also eIt is true that each type of fabric has special needs. Por ejemplo, the best way to care for cotton is by washing it in cold water and letting it air dry. La lana, on the other hand, rarely needs washing. To disperse odors and signs of use, just get some fresh air in during the day and it will be good as new. If your wool garment is stained, wash only the area of ​​the stain with cold water and put to dry, and always keep it folded to keep its shape.

When it comes to garments with mixed materials, always treat them with the care required by the higher percentage material. If the garment is 80% algodón, then take care of it as if it were only made of that material, and so on with the rest of your clothes.

care for organic clothing
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Learn to taking care of the organic clothing we already have is essential to reduce the excessive consumption of new products, and also to save us a good amount of money per year. While organic garments, recycled, and sustainable are usually a little more expensive than those found in large stores, these are designed to serve you for a long time.

Sobre Ethical Time

Ethical Time is a platform where you can find clothing items of various brands. ¿The best? That all the brands that Ethical Time presents to you are organic or made with recycled materials, locally produced, and with minimal impact on the environment.

This is why I love Ethical Time, since among its collections you only find brands with Real Sustainable Brand verification, which indicates the sustainability of each of the processes what does it take to get their clothes to your hands.

Sustainability isn't just about the materials used in eco-friendly garments. It is also about the processes with which they are created are fair to both the environment and the people who manufacture them..