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Step by step with the cold we forget to take care of our feet in winter and it is also essential to pamper them at this time. Here I present some tips and advice for it.

In the winter, as soon as we cover them with chubby socks and closed shoe, We stop showing affection for our feet but not for that we have to stop taking care of them but of course we should also take care of our feet in winter. After all, they are one of the most important parts of our body. ¿no? (Like we take care of our skin from the cold)  They hold us down, they keep us firm and allow our mobility to go where we want, or even to stay home and put them on the table. Hence the importance of watching over them and pampering them whatever the season..

Aunque no lo parezca, with the cold feet suffer especially and it is now when chilblains can appear, dermatitis or rashes. To avoid it and alleviate its effects, we suggest you follow some simple tips and advice to take care of your feet in winter..

cuidar los pies en invierno

¿what is it better for us to take care of our feet during winter?

  • Avoid exposing your feet to direct sources of heat: This is the main contribution to the appearance of chilblains. If your feet are cold after spending a lot of time outside, try soaking them in warm water and then dry them well. But forget about putting them directly in the brazier, heating or fireplace.
  • Fight bacteria. The space between the toes becomes a perfect cave for microorganisms and bacteria to appear. Being a warm and humid area – and it is usually even warmer and humid when we wear winter shoes that make the foot sweat – it is very important to focus our hygiene on the space between the fingers every time we shower.
  • Reactivates good circulation: With cold it is common for blood vessels to contract, especially after a long walk on the street or after practicing winter sports. To promote the return to its usual state, it is advisable to do circular massages or warm water baths when returning home to reactivate circulation.
  • Choose well what to wear: It is important to use shoes with insulating materials that do not get damp easily and that allow perspiration. Regarding the socks, It is best to use natural fibers such as lana or the cotton, that warm the feet without pressing them and allow perspiration. The quality of footwear is always essential when it comes to keeping your feet healthy and cared for.
  • Hydration is essential: Good hydration will prevent your feet from cooling down faster. We must keep our feet well hydrated and protected daily, using a product that helps prevent the formation of cracks and calluses, and that protects the foot from microorganisms. Como Salvelox Foot Rescue All in one cream, a product“all in one”That combines hydrating and antimicrobial effects.

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