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How to choose a perfume, Whether for yourself or for gifts, It is always a drama. Here we are 5 tips you can use are male or female.

There are so many options found in perfumeries we usually let out by inertia, la moda or even supply! Sin embargo, we must bear in mind that the perfume, both for men and women, It is as important as the dress when shaping our identity and appearance. How to choose a perfume can be an art.

Imagine the situation: hundreds of bottles, each with a distinct aroma. You must choose one that is to your liking and go with your age, the pH of your skin, time of day and your budget. Sí, is not easy to know how to choose good perfume, but thanks to friends Sobelia, explain the 5 Tips for sure hit among the thousands of options that are in the market. We help in finding the perfect fragrance for every moment and we even save many inconveniences and some money.

well try it (and in the right place)

A time to try a fragrance should not settle only with smell samples or choose it because you met someone else and you liked. It is important that you try it on your skin to know how to react to your PH. There are parts of your body that are suitable for this purpose: the dolls, the neck and, in the case of women, neckline. This will allow you to know how the fragrance changes over the course of the day.

A matter of patience, Do not buy it on impulse!

It is advisable that the purchase is not done at the first visit (O "first OLID”, mejor dicho) in perfumery. You can go with a previous list of likes and discarding brands and you can go to have a minimum selection. These two or three final perfume can try other times and thus perceive their fixation and processing all day. This way You can tell if the scent grows into an unpleasant feeling to the end of the day. The search for the perfect fragrance is a matter of trial, Error and patience. And once decided, You can either buy it back to the store or online.

To choose either a perfume also has agea

It is not the same as having 20 years that 40 o 60. Each stage of life is marked by certain interests and ideas that are reflected both in clothing and in the actitudes. Skin and also changes the chemistry of the body, and that makes all fragrances not come along with any age. It is usual to 20 and fresh floral fragrances are preferred, a los 30 preference is maintained by the floral fragrance but adds a touch citrus or woody to give more personality. To the 40 It wants to convey elegance and for this strong fragrances are used, nard or herbs, or classical for men.

But as I always say, individual freedoms come first so if you still like the colony of Dora the Explorer even if you 50 años, ¡USAL!

Watch the day, the time and the time of year

And change options by age, should also be noted that There are suitable fragrances for every occasion of the year. having only 1 perfume or cologne is something that has been in the past. Ahora, we prefer to adapt and have versatility.

Fresh fragrances are ideal for day, and intense fragrances never leave bad overnight. The stations also provide different scenarios for the use of fragrances: the warmth of the summer cries scents of green tea and fresh grass, and for winter nothing like aromas of cinnamon or vanilla.

How to choose a perfume

The importance of the budget (or not having)

You must always keep in mind that a perfume fragrance original man or woman will be much better than copies or counterfeits, because they are designed by the house itself that firm and make sure to have the best materials and raw materials.

We must try to invest in real fragrances and try to take good care of this investment, que, in the long run, for its characteristics, intensity and duration, It will be more profitable. Keeping vial in places not so hot, keep them covered, in its original packaging sheltered from sun light to protect.

How to choose a perfume is a part of "the belleza"That is a mix between an art and a science. It requires patience and desire to know ourselves. Choose a fragrance that represents our essence and personality is a beautiful journey of discovery that is well worth the effort. And when you found, in Sobelia you'll find more than 5000 references perfume 100% genuine and sale.