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Take the first thing we caught, Traditional spend (or daring), pull promotional shirts, wrong swimsuit size… In the heat our stylistic judgment can be clouded. ¡Here are some styling tips for going to the beach!

When the heat arrives, boys fall in love, and want to go to relax by the water. ¡To celebrate! But high temperatures and having to deal with them sometimes clouds good judgment and we ended up creating a bit outlandish outfits. ¿Why we relax in our beach looks? ¡me the first! My sin are t-shirts thousand years ago should be IT-RA-DAS (They are not even good to donate). Nor it is that it takes to go perfect every day, por supuesto, in this space advocates freedom and comfort, but when we propose and we want to go a little monkey, ¡we also have to have ideas! That's why I created this post with tips styling to go to the beach, to remind myself that you can go to sea without losing the stylistic dignity. All you need is to combine three elements so that everything fits: swimsuit, top and accessories.

The swimsuit: Basically. Crown jewel.

Por cierto, Allow a subsection, the other day I learned thanks to Carmen de Devil Wears Zara the word YES swimsuit is correct and accepted by the RAE como «Garment, usually one piece, used for bathing beaches, swimming pools» 

Por favor, cariñito is very important to give the swimsuit because, ¡it is the only thing that will accompany you for a large part of the day on the beach! First make sure your size. Not worth a look as eye and apañanarnos with left. ¡Try it on! (yellow advice: The day you go to buy swimsuits wear a tight slip in this way you will ensure that you do not come neither too big nor small).

Además, checks that the form closure: laces, buttons, velcro… It fits well with your hip. If not, You are making you go bald every time you leave the water, That hears, all eyes brighten but so you do not fancy.

No, it is a pity, pero I can not tell you what is best bathing suit. Because I can not see you with several and compare. Pero, por supuesto, I will support you like the one you like. What I can do is recommend one or the other depending on what you seek:

  • Slips: If you're used to having «zone» brown all year, will be your best choice, además, are the least annoying when wet. I will not tell you need to have great body to use, no way, but they have attitude and charisma.
  • Shorts: If they are tight take the advice of the previous paragraph. If you have some slack, make sure that the inner grid is extensive and covers the entire area, sino, your cataplines be in the public domain as soon as you feel.
  • Shorts (the lifelong): Here is something for everyone, It is the most comfortable because You do not have to be aware of anything. So go shooting.
  • Surferos: (Of those arriving below the knee). Mira, If you are surfero I do not know how you got here and the truth is I can not help much because I think that this model is very uncomfortable. So as you can and that Apanate.

 styling to go to the beach

Here you have a few extra consejitos for Bathing Suit: 

Por favor, por favor, por favor, Never use underwear under the bathing suit, that is, ¡¿why?! If the swimsuit transpires have looked before or stop using it, If you drop, size changes, but never below underpants, that besides being very foolish, It is dangerous to get urinary tract infections that wet tissue there for hours. ¿por favor!
I never remangues and roll yourself to get more legs. If you wanted to stay so, ¿why didn't you buy it shorter boy?
Other styling tips for going to the beach, check that the swimsuit does not have the legs too wide, as it will seem a little balloon. This usually happens when we catch more carvings, we press the belt and forget about the rest.

The top: The conflict

Here we will have a bugbear, because this is a world apart. We all agree that a beach style para hombre includes the swimsuit (o no, if you go to nudist beaches but follow me and that roll) pero If we discuss the top suddenly a black hole where everything has room opens. ¡And anyone gets off his donkey!

Yo, por ejemplo, O-D-I-O (deeply) when bathing suit with shirt. Especially if it is a classic and basic shirt, those of «cayetano» without making crazy, but nevertheless, I can get to like much if it is a Hawaiian shirt, with leafs and tropical grounds or whether it is a linen guayabera, which in certain cases can be a success.

best advise T shirt, a little wide and if possible light colors, these two features will help mitigate the heat and feel less moisture. ¡And forget about the propaganda t-shirts! Not usually as good as heat to protect tissues and we're always sweating with them.

 styling to go to the beach

Lately it has become moda a trend that I recognize that I love and can be very comfortable for, those like me, we are too lazy to think much styling for the beach or pool, ¡shirt or T-shirt along with swimsuit! (Set, that word rancid, as grandmother, ¿true? ¡I love!). One that I liked most was the specialized firmbeachwear maleSUNNO BYWELL CAPE, with its stamping «bacterial» presents this combination could also look like a swimsuit «pijamero».

 styling to go to the beach

Accessories in styling to go to the beach: This is achieved with the power of three.

For just these styling tips for going to the beach, we must be aware of supplements. Each take their trips to the beach in their own way but I do not recommend nor the absolute barroquismo, nor the radical minimalism. The best thing is to take what is useful to us and what makes us happy and try to mix it. ¡If to this the polyvalence of the same is added, the power of three! ¿how? por ejemplo: A hat. It is useful because it helps you take off the sun, If you choose one you like can make you very happy and versatile you can use it for many days holiday. Check.


The cowboy also have vacation and take his straw hat.. 😊 ¿I'm going through so many photos these days? 🤔 This light is pitiusa me feel so good, ¿how to resist? 💛 #me #men #menstyle #beard #style #menstyle #summer #cowboy #formentera #travelers #travel #smile #beardstyle

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Many times we spend we get lost on the way and think of useful things but we do not like anything, in things we love but are useless… So when values ​​if a supplement is good for the beach is right uses this simple formula: Utility + Polyvalence + happiness = ¡The right one!

Y por supuesto, we can always do like the Beach Boys (image illustrating this post) who go to the beach in white pants and plaid shirts ¡of long sleeve! TWO.