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The cabin suitcase has become one of the most used options when we want to go on short trips or getaways, but what are the keys to making a perfect small suitcase?.

One of the aspects that any world traveler shares, whether for business or leisure, es “the suitcase moment”. Generally we have all come across the dreaded measures of a cabin suitcase: 55 x 35 x 20 cm. These three figures are probably the most feared by any user who travels without checking in.

Aware of this fear, the experts at BizAwayscaleup corporate travel, they make it easy for youThe best tricks to organize the cabin suitcase that meets the measurements of the airlines and contains everything you need so that you trip job is a success and at the same time you can enjoy without worry.

¿What is the key to a perfect cabin suitcase?

The key to the perfect suitcase is to have two basic points under control: length of stay and, sobre todo, what is the weather going to be like at the destination. To this we must add the type of activities that we will do on the site. De esta forma, we will prepare theoutfits right for every occasion without making mistakes.

BizAway experts, who spend many hours traveling and of course preparing the cabin suitcase, have expertise in this field to facilitate 5 definitive steps to be the envy of your colleagues with the perfect suitcase.

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The five definitive steps for a small suitcase

These are some of the steps that we must cross out from ourchecklist when we are fully in the “suitcase moment”

  1. Attention to garments: office sets are characterized by pants, skirts, vestidos, Blouses and shirts, and as, the Americans or blazers. All this must be placed conscientiously to avoid as much as possible any wrinkles, For this reason, it is advisable to place the heaviest garments at the bottom., like pants and jackets, and the most delicate in the upper part such as blouses or dresses. A separate treatment deserve the shirts, since the ideal is to place them one in front of the other and with the neck out, thus preventing them from denting. In case we want to complete theoutfitwith a belt, ideally it should be laid flat, following the shape of the suitcase, In this way we will save space.
  2. Los zapatos, the jewel that we must take care of: undoubtedly, shoes should go with preferential treatment, as if it were an additional passenger. be careful with this piece, they are a source of dirt that can stain the rest of the elements. Trick to save even more space: wear the shoes that combine you with the rest ofoutfits. In the event that it is not possible, the shoe always covered with a small individual cloth bag to keep them isolated. All available space must be used, por eso, we recommend you take advantage of the inside of the shoes to leave the socks.  
  3. This is the importance that the bag deserves: beyond complying with the measures dictated by the regulations when traveling, We must include everything that goes in the bag in a fine cloth bag so that the structure of the bag itself does not take up space, and make sure that everything is well closed, preventing them from spilling during the journey. In the case of the brush, we recommend that it be small or that it can be folded, there are plenty of options to gain as little space as possible. from normal, in the description of the hotels it appears if they offer shampoo, gel or toothpaste. ¡Knowing this, you will also save a lot of space!
  4. Essentials always at hand: by last, everything important when traveling, DAYS, passport and wallet, must always be at hand for any emergency that arises. Por ello, we recommend placing it in an internal pocket if you have one, or in a small bag within reach.