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Because when we turn years the view is no longer what it was, Here I give you a series of tips to take care of your eyesight and protect it from vision problems that appear with age.

While there are vision deficits such as myopia, farsightedness o el astigmatism that arise during childhood and adolescence, the truth is that with age we see worse, being precisely with the passage of the years when problems of presbicia o tired sight. It's time, even more, take care of the sight.

Although vision diseases may be due to genetic issues, some bad health habits visual boost their development and aggravate them, which leads us to apply a series of healthy practices in our day to day to keep our eyes in shape.

What are the essential guidelines for visa care and vision care?

Don't strain your eyes, take care of nutrition and hydration, take a break from the screens, flee from harmful toxins such as tobacco or alcohol, and above all checking our vision with the appropriate frequency are some essential guidelines so that the course of the years does not translate into a degradation of our vision. Take good note of all consejos that we offer you next!

take care of the sight

Don't strain your eyes

Being in light environments with the optimal light, either natural or artificial, do reading breaks every so often, as well as getting used to doing this always at the suitable distance they are all fundamental aspects for eye care, for that they should be taken into account if you want to enjoy a good vision for a long time.

Eat the right foods

La nutrition it also has a lot to do with eye health, being particularly beneficial fish y las vegetables, since they provide omega fatty acids 3 and multiple vitamins, among them the A, that like antioxidants characteristic of these foods such as beta-carotene reduces risk of suffering from important ocular pathologies such as glaucoma of forest waterfalls.

Moderate the use of screens

Mobile phones, tablets and computers they take over our day to day, causing us to spend a lot of time exposed to the screens light that can cause from itching and irritation of the eyes to blurry vision and headaches. This continued excessive exposure ends up leading to phenomena of visual fatigue and in the appearance of problems of presbicia. To avoid it, It is essential to introduce small periods of visual rest from the screens into our daily routine, while for the more strictly physical aspect of eye health it is convenient to use hydrating drops or artificial tears that prevent eyes get dry.

Take care of hydration

That our body always has adequate levels of water has a great influence on our eyes, since an optimal hydration preserve the flexibility of the eye membranes and is essential also for the overall quality of vision.

Essential to take care of your sight: Check your eyesight periodically

Las reviews are essential to detect eye and vision problems, to which you will always be able to give a more effective response if you address them early. Por ello, it is essential to check the eyesight of children and young people at least once a year, and every six months from sixty years.

Además, you can request in opticians likeAlain Afflelou cita previa to make you the revision No queues or crowds at the time that best suits you. We hope these tips to take care of your eyes have been useful, unas basic guidelines whose application is essential to take care of something very valuable that we will also need all our lives.