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We usually associate the verb disconnect with resting. Sin embargo, just connect with you, with your body and with your mind, and hear what their needs are before they both cry out for them.

Many times when tiredness can we tend to look for ways to rest the body: A week in a hammock on the beach, a relaxing bath, a massage, etc. Wonderful ways to take a break. Sin embargo, many of these times we forget to give our mind a break. That's why we bring you these tips to disconnect on vacation

24 hours per day in ON mode, Does it sound to you?

Responding to a work email from the beach or taking an urgent call in the middle of a meal. «Life moves fast and we have been told that the more we do, the better, so we lack the hours. It seems that it is about increasing productivity constantly and so who will rest? There will always be an email to answer or a task to do. Por eso, nowadays it is important to find ways to prioritize resting body and mind », ExplainIxi Ávila, Emotional Intelligence coach.

Disconnect to connect: Tips to get it this summer

1. Work when working and rest when resting

Set limits in time. When trying to do more than one thing at a time, divide your mental and physical energy and reduce your productivity. Por eso, it is important to separate work and rest and decide how much time you want to dedicate to each verb. It is the first of the tips to disconnect in holidays.

Mark a gap in the calendar for rest and respect it. If it's not on your calendar, you will not prioritize. Once you've prioritized rest, you can create a flexible structure with marked times for work and rest, and if any job opportunity arises, you can make up the rest time later as you would make up the working hours.

You can create strategies that help you comply with the established limits, such as letting the people who live with you know that when you wear headphones it means that you are working or letting your clients know, bosses or colleagues that you are going to check your email at two or three specific times of the day and that you will have your mobile in airplane mode at night.

2. Rest Mentally? Find your way

Setting a time to rest the body is relatively easy, but how does the mind rest? It's not about leaving it blank. We only get mental rest by connecting with the present, with our body, and listen to our needs.

Having a hobby is essential to rest and recharge your batteries. There are those who rest mentally dancing. There are those who meditate, there are those who read novels. It's about finding your way, and make a hole in the calendar. Whatever your formula to rest your mind, there is something that is essential for everyone: Do NOTHING and sleep. This is also part of the tips to disconnect on vacation that will help you.

3. Sleep = Rest?

Did you know that the hours of sleep lost cannot be recovered or compensated by sleeping more another day? They accumulate and little by little they end up having an effect on our health.

And what happens if when you sleep you don't rest? Do you spend hours in bed but there is no sleep? There are different tools that can be used to teach and learn to rest. Not eating two hours before bedtime and cutting out caffeine from mealtime helps.. Create a specific sleep schedule so that little by little your biological clock is also regulating. Have the same sleep schedule, or at least the same number of hours of sleep each night, it will help you rest your body and mind.

4. You do not have time? Rest more

And where do I get the time? If everything I have to do does not fit on the calendar, how can I add rest? The more overwhelmed you are, more rest. By resting you will increase your productivity. It is better to work 2h a 100% that 5h to 30%. Mark a moment of rest on your calendar each day and create a sleep schedule. It is one of the most fundamental tips to disconnect on vacation.