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Fui, saw and conquered, ¡and now I'll give you some tips so that the Vogue Fashion Night Out doesn't hurt!

A must-attend event in the calendar fashionista; great night moda, fashion invades the streets; fashion night for the people; (I do not remember more corny but you can enter here your favorite phrase VFNO). Pero, chic@s, I have to tell you something: You call what you call it is the same ruckus.

Tips for Surviving the VFNO

are met 5 years since I first went (I told those in this post) and these issues I have learned some crucial keys to not become a night of oppression and pain. So here I give 6 Tips for Surviving the VFNO. ¿The best? ¡That works for any city in the world in their respective editions! ¿Have you seen how international I am??

ORGANIZATION: A ver, If we organize, we fuck we buy all. Find out what areas and shops participating; prepared a small itinerary to make the most of the ride – because there is no more anger than retracing your steps because you have forgotten any bullshit – and also find out about the parallel activities that are organized that day – good to go, or to avoid the area if you do not want apretujarte.

FOCUS: ¿What do you want? ¿What do you need? ¿what brands do you use? That's where you have influence, especially for savings and discounts that the stores offer that night. Very good to get a glass of cava, but if you go to wings that offer better descuentazo best, you will, really, seizing the moment fashion.

PATIENCE: Everyone is pointing to the ball and clear, queues are unavoidable. If you see that you're going to need a little help, before you head to the streets of shoppineo, take a Lexatin (or some other brand of relaxing) and you'll see that everything gustito.

COMFORTABLE SHOES: It has always fascinated me to see the girls entaconadas VFNO not be more. I will not be me who renege on heels, ¡what do you know that I love! But I do not think it's the most appropriate day for use: you will walk, to be a long time standing, etc. Unless you're one of those famous half going to stand Vogue in the neighborhood of Salamanca and stay there all night (then you could go on hikes even), do not worth. go comfortable, total, the dream of being portrayed on the street for any streetstyle photographer does not depend on the height of your heel, but the roll to transmit. You know, be rollo.

GOOD COMPANY: Already he said that legendary video as parodied in time. Asked “¿What it takes to enjoy the VFNO?”, a very perposed girl answered “have friends, have a blog…” (It was a few years ago, now with Instagram He would have sufficed that girl). And even if the blog is not necessary, I have girlfriends / os, or for the more asocial with good company enough, It's fundamental. We know that "evil of many, consolation of fools”. So if at least you share those moments with a funny person can make a very successful night and carcajeante.

ALCOHOL (If you have not taken the tranquilizer): It is available in many shops, helps you see things more beautiful way, It will help you withstand the heavy / os shift, will calm for back pain being so long standing, It will make you clothes appear logical and affordable. ¡So drink what you get and let yourself go! ¡I think there was no better advice to survive the VFNO than this to close! ¡Cheers!