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Converse sneakers Announces CLASH, an initiative that will flood 14 European cities, Middle East and Africa of moments full of creativity.

Converse Sneakers Clash (2)

CLASH SNEAKERS come alive through two engaging interactive experiences - Photo Wall of Clash and Clash - establishing a link between the followers the truly amazing Converse social networks and a wide range of artists in spaces.

Designed to fill color increasingly boring world, CLASH SNEAKERS started in Amsterdam on Saturday 22 February and continue to inspire bursts of creativity Londres, París, Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Prague, Warsaw, Zagreb, Belgrade, Athens, Cairo, Beirut, Cape Town and Johannesburg.For more information about participating in Clash Sneakers you can visit

    • Wall of Clash will be a clash of forces between the particular style of urban artists and unexpected places, challenging them to stamp their more visceral work on an inert wall. There will have to go with the suggestions of users who proposed them what to paint, thus a scheming experience collective creativity and chaotic, it will be anything but boring.
    • Photo Clash It will give the opportunity for users of Twitter to send their favorite images, for a selection of local illustrators use them as blank canvas. These pictures will be selected randomly and spontaneously, adapting them until they become a single piece, a work of art to be returned to the fan through networks.

SNEAKERS CLASH is inspired by spring collection - summer 2014 de Converse All Star, which presents a range of fun colors. A wide range of designs in Tie Dye, bold color blocks and spectacular prints, to create stylish looks light up the spring season. Although undoubtedly, the centerpiece of this collection are the Converse All Star Chuck’ 70, a reinterpretation of American icon.

Converse All Star Chuck’ 70

Converse All Star Chuck 70 PVP 80 Euros (2)La colección Converse All Star Chuck’ 70 It comes with two prints ever used in a shoe Chuck Taylor All Star: a striking camouflage and zebra pattern glows in the dark. Además, las Converse All Star Chuck’ 70 will be available in the six original colors 1972 model in boot and under, with a woven fabric thicker, smaller toe, reinforcements on the fringes of the heel, grommets made of high-grade nickel, larger beads and a cushioned sole for improved comfort. Suggested retail price: 85 Euros – 75 Euros.

Chuck Taylor All Star Tie-Dye

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Tie Dye PVP 75 Euros (2)La colección Chuck Taylor All Star Tie-Dye celebra al máximo la color mixing explosives in a showcase of colors and inks ivory tone, Available in model boot and under. Basic dark colors combined with bright shades for maximum visual impact, I resulting in a perfect effect for the summer season festivales.Precio recommended retail: 85 Euros – 70 Euros