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Numismatics fashion and trend create these holidays. Peseta twins creates a new concept of fully customized jewelry that combines art and history in all its creations. Arte, history and custom-made supplements are fashionable.

gemelos a peseta (2)

Peseta twins blends tradition and modernity in a collection where no two pairs of identical twins. these creations, as an element of the collection, play with a wide range of vibrant colors and vintage design making it the perfect gift for the sophisticated man and elegant you are looking to combine your wardrobe with a jewel of art history associated with.

gemelos a peseta (3)gemelos a peseta (1)

Coin collecting points to the moda y reinvents pesetas, an element of Spain's past and still remain in the minds of all. Peseta twins trendsetter not only in their creations but also in the form of payment, allowing you to give exclusivity.

"Gemelos creations to materialize and exclusive Peseta allow your memories in an original way becoming tradition in the vanguard", Pedor says Ramallo, entrepreneur and founder of this original initiative. “Además, You can make payment with the mythical currency that inspires our creations: the beautiful and beloved peseta. "

Travels back in time from the these small works of art and craft combines part of our history to the forefront of the XXI century. Déjate conquistar por la belleza de monedas de otros países fusionadas con las artes decorativas creando en cada trabajo un objeto único y exclusivo.

Dracmas griegos, escudos portugueses, yens japoneses, yuanos chinos, liras italianas y cientos de valores faciales de todo el planeta, en perfecto estado de conservación y muchas veces sin circular, pueden abotonar a partir de ahora tus camisas.