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Alcampo has incorporated a second-hand clothing corner in its Sant Boi de Llobregat center (Barcelona) in collaboration with Moda re.

It's the first time that Moda re-, a Caritas social project, install a second-hand clothing corner in a hypermarket. This pioneering initiative in Spain that begins its journey in this hypermarket in Barcelona, will be extended throughout 2021 to other Alcampo centers.

The corner Moda re- which will be managed by the Training and Work Foundation (entity promoted by Cáritas Barcelona), It will be located in the Alcampo textile area and will have an assortment of approximately 700 references with prices that will oscillate between 2 y los 20 euros, and they will vary depending on the different offers.

The incorporation of this new corner means giving one more step in favor of the circular economy and the reduction of waste, also favoring the social integration of people at risk of social exclusion. Moda re- is a social project that promotes the hiring of vulnerable people, accompanying them through a personalized insertion process with the aim of, once you have acquired the necessary professional skills, incorporate them into the labor market.

Specifically Fashion re, by collecting, the selection as well as the sale of clothes empowers these people in transport trades, industrial classification and customer service. The project has in Spain 36 clothing reception plants and 3 treatment plants located in Bilbao, Valencia and Barcelona, in which garments are prepared for reuse or recycling.

Por su parte, Alcampo bets on put a social initiative at the forefront with a double objective: from one side, make visible the background of the Moda re project- and from another, make consumers aware of the importance of textile reuse. Por ello, Alcampo gives up the space without benefit, being the entire margin generated by these sales destined to social projects linked to Cáritas.

ropa de segunda mano

Alcampo and Fashion re- collaborate since the year 2020, after reaching an agreement for the installation of Caritas clothing collection containers in its car parks, something that is already a reality in thirty hypermarkets. Además, Alcampo donates to this entity the garments from its stores that are suitable for use but not for sale, to be included in the reuse circuits, recycling and donation Fashion re.