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There are many more interesting people than we and those around us. People with stories to tell. Who have dared to change your life. A fight for his dream. People who are not obsessed with fashion. Seeking your garment has the same speech they. To make them feel good, Elegant, you comfortable ....

Cortefiel and exposes and describes the protagonists of their new fall campaign - winter 2012. People with momentum and incredible stories, chosen to champion the change in the new era Cortefiel.


I see certain similarities between this strategy and established by Louis Vuitton photographing great historical names, here has been adapted / national copy (and a tad less spectacular, it must be recognized, although bombera mola), and I find it very interesting. not innovative, but nice to value these people.

Cortefiel, it has always seemed a mark somewhat cold, with this humanizes coup, wearing a "real" people and with values. Also very well selected for the target audience of the firm, nothing cuter girls, but men and women fledged.


Araceli Segarra, first Spanish woman to climb Everest; Mario Sandoval, Cook the Coque restaurant with a Michelin star; star Prieto, World champion Fire rescue vehicle; José Mariano, aeronautical engineer creator capsule Bloon; María Fitz-James Stuart, panadera day and night event organizer; Meinrad Spenger y Christian Nyborg, creators of the telephone company More Mobile; Sol de la Barreda, voice actress; Andres Rodriguez, director of Esquire; Sally Lerma, florist and Paloma Sobrini, arquitecta, former dean of the College of Architects of Madrid are the protagonists of this exciting campaign and you can learn more in their new Site of Cortefiel and the Cortefiel launches online magazine for all his followers and you can find today.